Entry rules from 1st until 31st of March 2022

Starting from 1st of March and according to the new ordinance signed by the Health Minister Roberto Speranza the same rules will be applicable for arrivals from European Countries and all non-European countries. These rules will be in force until the 31st of March.

Free movement is allowed to and from all countries for any reason, including tourism.

The legislation provides that, upon entry into Italy, the following will be mandatory:

  • provide the EU Digital Covid Certificate  or other equivalent certification in Italian, English, French or Spanish, show or to have completed the prescribed provided cycle vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 (certificate is valid for 9 months from last dose of vaccination done for the purpose of entry) or to have fully recovered from COVID-19 (certificate is valid for 6 months from date of recovery for the purpose of entry)  or to have undergone a molecular or antigenic swab carried out prior to entering the country and which result is Negative (molecular swab to be carried out within seventy-two hours prior to entry into Italy, antigenic swab to be carried out within forty-eight hours prior to entry into Italy).

In case the person who enters Italy does not have a valid certification, a 5 days fiduciary isolation period is compulsory and it must be conducted at the address declared in the Passenger Locator Form, at the end of which it is mandatory to undertake a molecular or antigenic swab.

All children under 6 years of age entering Italy are always exempt from the pre-departure swab; they are also exempt from the fiduciary isolation. Individuals above 6 years old children must follow adults’ regulations.

Erika Morlacchi
Relocation Coordinator
Santa Fe Relocation Italy
Email: erica.morlacchi@santaferelo.com



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