Philippines | Annual Report 2020 Guidelines

All foreign nationals holding a valid Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (“ACR I-Card”) or paper based ACR, shall, within the first sixty (60) days of every calendar year, report in person to the Bureau of Immigration (“BI”) Main office in Intramuros, Manila, or to any BI satellite office to comply with the Annual Report 2020.

Who will be affected?

The following foreign nationals are required to comply with the Annual Report 2020:

  • All Foreign nationals including their accompanying dependents who are holders of valid Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (“ACR I-Card”);
  • Every Native-Born Indonesian national registered under Memorandum Order No. AFFJR-05-003 dated 4 January 2005, distinguished as “Illegal Entrant”;
  • All foreign nationals who are granted permanent status under RA 7919 and with pending application for visa re-stamping shall be allowed to participate in the AR 2020 provided that they present: (1) Certification of pending application for ASIO re-stamping issued by RA 7919 Unit and (2) original ACR I-Card; and
  • Applicants with pending ACR I-Card application with the Bureau of Immigration shall be allowed to undertake the Annual Report 2020.


Foreign nationals may be exempted from personal appearance during this process subject to the following conditions:

  • Those who are below 14 years old (The parent or legal guardian of an alien who is less than fourteen (14) years of age shall have the duty of reporting for such alien);
  • Those who are 65 years old and above;
  • Those who are mentally or physically incapacitated provided that a Persons with Disability (PWD) ID is presented; and
  • Pregnant women and those who are sick provided that a medical certificate is issued by a registered OB-Gyne or hospital where such foreign national is confined, with a 1-week advance written request for exemption duly approved by the ARD Chief.



Pursuant to Section 10 of the Republic Act No. 562 otherwise known as the Alien Registration Act of 1950, all foreign nationals registered with the Bureau of Immigration shall report to the Bureau of Immigration annually within the first sixty (60) days of every calendar year.


Foreign nationals and their accompanying dependents (14 years old and above) are required to personally go to the Bureau of Immigration Main office or any other BI satellite office to comply with the Annual Report 2020.

Foreign nationals who will fail to comply within the prescribed period shall be directed to pay a fine of Two Hundred Pesos per month and be required to submit a Motion for Reconsideration explaining the reason for late compliance with the annual reporting. Furthermore, non-compliance may result in imposition of administrative fine and/or imprisonment, at the option of the Commissioner of Immigration.

Foreign nationals including their dependents who are required to personally appear for the Annual Report 2020 shall allocate at least 2-3 hours for the Annual Report 2020.


Annual Report 2020 will be from 01 January 2020 to 29 February 2020.

Santa Fe Analysis:

Santa Fe will accompany the foreign nationals and dependents during the Annual Reporting. We will likewise perform the following actions required for this process:

  • Prepare necessary requirements, forms and any other documents to be signed by the foreign national and/or dependent(s);
  • Complete the updating of the Annual Report form before completing the Annual Reporting for year 2020 for those foreign nationals who have not been issued a Special Security Registration Number (SSRN); and
  • Complete online updating in the Annual Report Database System, if necessary.


Should you have any questions, please contact the following:

Ma. Emmariza Ola
Immigration Manager
Santa Fe Relocation
Tel.: (632) 8795 2438

Hallie Toh
Regional Immigration Lead – Asia
Santa Fe Relocation
D: +65 6398 3015 (5615)


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