Travel Ban Exemption for Foreign Nationals under Philippines Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Registered Entities

On 22 June 2020, PEZA released a Memorandum Circular No. 2020-0035 on the request for exemption from travel ban for arriving foreign nationals who are essential to the operations of PEZA registered entities.

Who will be affected?

Foreign nationals who are outside the country and who are employed or will be employed under a PEZA registered company and will travel to the Philippines.


On 19 March 2020, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) issued Foreign Service Circular No. 29-2020 suspending the visa issuance and visa-free privileges to foreign nationals. In addition, travel ban for arriving foreign nationals was imposed until further notice. Hence, foreign nationals will not be able to enter the country even if they have a valid working visa. Only those who are married to a Philippine citizen as well as those foreign diplomats will be allowed entry.
In relation to abovementioned policies being implemented during this pandemic, PEZA has extended their assistance to help PEZA registered entities to secure a travel ban exemption from the DFA. Note that the exemption can only be requested for essential and emergency purposes. Once PEZA has provided an Endorsement, it will be submitted to the DFA for processing and approval. The processing time is 1 week from the date of submission of the complete requirements to the DFA.


1. PEZA registered entities must submit a letter request to the Office of the Director General specifying the reason of such request. The following information and documents must be submitted for the travel ban exemption request:

a. Name of the foreign national and the reason for the request for travel ban exemption;
b. Passport bio page of the foreign national;
c. Department of Justice Indorsement, as applicable; and
d. Copy of ticket, if available.
2. PEZA registered entities may be allowed to deploy Foreign nationals to the Philippines once the exemption is approved. The DFA will determine if the reason stated in the letter request and will issue a travel ban exemption if the purpose is justifiable.
3. PEZA will only issue an Endorsement but the approval is still at the discretion of the DFA.
4. On entry, the Foreign national will be able to apply for the appropriate work visa and/or Permit.


Effective 22 June 2020

Santa Fe Analysis

Santa Fe Relocation is monitoring the situation closely and will provide updated information once available.
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