Verification proof for academic qualifications required for Work Pass application process

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) recently updated it’s requirements that as part of the work pass application process, employers and/or applicants may be required to submit verification proof of their academic qualifications (diploma level and above) via a recognized Global Verification Agency.

Who will be affected?

Employers and foreign applicants applying for the following work passes:

  • Employment Pass
  • S Pass
  • Training Employment Pass



Submission of educational documents, such as certificates, etc. has always been a prerequisite as part of the work pass application process. However, mandatory verification proof of diploma level and above were only applicable to qualifications attained from China.

The authorities have now extended the conditions to include any other qualifications from institutions which are not indicated in their online dropdown menu.


This will take immediate effect and will continue to be applied continuously.

Employers or applicants who are required to submit verification proof may use any of the following Global Verification Agency as listed by the authorities:


Santa Fe Analysis:

Due to the additional step required to provide verification proof, employers will need to take into consideration and plan to amend or revise the timeline required for new employees to commence work with the company.

MOM has been actively tightening and revising their immigration policies & work pass requirements, and this additional step will likely further extend the application processing timeline while assessing work pass applications, at its sole discretion.

It will also fall on the employer to ensure the authenticity and quality of its employees’ qualifications.

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