Salary Thresholds for Highly Skilled Migrants in 2021

The new minimum salary thresholds for Highly Skilled Migrants in 2021 have been announced by the Dutch authorities.

The new monthly* gross salary requirements are applicable for new applications or applications for extension of current residence permits, submitted with the Dutch immigration office (IND) on or after 1 January 2021:

* Only the fixed monthly salary and allowances can be included to meet the monthly gross salary threshold. Please note that allowances need to be mentioned in the employment contract. The salary needs to be paid directly to the employee’s bank account on a structural monthly base.

The following cannot be included to meet the monthly gross salary threshold:
1. (the value of) wages paid out in kind;
2. the holiday allowance; and
3. the value of uncertainty, not fixed, salary components as overtime, tips, distributions from funds.

Any annual allowances that are mentioned in the employment contract or assignment letter, which are guaranteed and paid out per annum cannot be included unless the allowances are actually paid out per month. Please note that allowances such as payment of the employee’s lease directly to the landlord can also not be included as this is not paid directly to the employee’s bank account.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Brenda Jongman
Senior Immigration Specialist

Claudia de Jager
Senior Immigration Specialist

Anique Borchert
Senior Immigration Specialist


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