Travel ban from the United Kingdom

More than 40 countries have banned UK arrivals because of concerns about the spread of a new variant of coronavirus.

Flights from the UK are being suspended to countries across the world including Spain, India and Hong Kong.
France shut its border with the UK for 48 hours, meaning no lorries or ferries can leave from the port of Dover.
It comes as the French government said it will establish a protocol “to ensure movement from the UK can resume”.
European Union member states are currently meeting in Brussels to discuss a co-ordinated response, with officials suggesting a requirement for tests could be imposed on all people arriving from the UK.

Other countries to impose a ban on UK arrivals include Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, and Switzerland.
Some of the bans are already in force while others are to begin on Tuesday.
Eurotunnel services to France are also suspended and Eurostar trains to Belgium are not operating. However, Eurotunnel spokesman John Keefe said he hoped travel from the UK could begin on Wednesday or Thursday.

The new variant has spread quickly in London and south-east England, but health officials say there is no evidence that it is more deadly or would react differently to vaccines.

The UK government has pledged to provide refunds for rail and coach tickets bought for the Christmas travel window between 23 – 27 December, after millions of people across the UK saw their festive plans severely restricted or scrapped.

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