Appointment of Charles Pirat as Sales Director of Santa Fe Relocation France

The Board of Santa Fe Relocation France is pleased to announce that Mr Charles Pirat has been appointed as Sales Director of Santa Fe Relocation France. 

Find below the interview to get to know more about his vision for the future at Santa Fe Relocation. 

Tell us something about you!

Can you introduce yourself?

Charles: I’m Charles Pirat, I’m 43 years old, I’m married and have 2 sons. I like music (playing and listening), travelling, sports (practising and especially watching…).

How long have you worked for Santa Fe?

Charles: I have been working for Santa Fe Relocation for 13 years (2006).

You have held several positions within Santa Fe Relocation, can you tell us about your career in a few words?

Charles: My first missions were to follow-up the accounts (account manager), make technical moving surveys, follow the quotations for services in progress, organise business reviews, control quality and be the local escalation point. My geographical area was Rhône-Alpes and Great Est, then Paris/Grand Paris region.

Since 2015, I’ve focused on the business development only, throughout France (excluding the south). My missions were to prospect for new customers, answer calls for tender, implement contracts, be a source of advice on international mobility (process, policy, etc…), organise business reviews, set up the new contracts with the coordination teams, participate to the Cercle Magellan events and other events etc…

Since 2018, BDM for our offices in Geneva and Zurich.

Three adjectives to qualify you?

Charles: Persevering, rigorous, quality oriented

What are the essential qualities you have developed in your career?

Charles: Remaining positive, preparing my interventions well, training myself regularly in order to be up to date with international mobility procedures and trends, remaining open and attentive to my clients’ expectations. I know how to be a force of proposals adapted to the services requested, to the areas of organization (global, regional, central) and to the proposals in the organization of IM.

What do you find fascinating and motivating in your job?

Charles: I like things to be clearly defined, to meet the needs of my clients and that they are satisfied with our services. These are my driving forces, they help me to move forward and progress.

Moreover, I am interested in contact with people: getting to know new people, learning from them, evolving and growing through them.

Last, but not least, teamwork is also one of the motivations that allow me to blossom in this job. Dealing with each person’s personality is stimulating and exciting!


What is your vision for the future?

What does your work at Santa Fe consist of from now on?

Charles: I am in charge of the sales team for France. I accompany them in their development, help them to find fulfillment in their work and make sure they have all the tools to progress. Follow-up is also important so that the team feels supported.

Customer satisfaction is my priority. I make sure that processes are respected, adapted and regularly improved each time the industry and the needs of our customers evolve.

I am also a member of the Executive Committee and take part in the strategic decisions of our French offices.

What do you think you can contribute with?

Charles: I would like to bring my experience in prospecting, selling and implementing new contracts. To accompany the sales team in meetings and in the preparation of our responses to calls to tender.

What do you think are the strengths of Santa Fe Relocation?

Charles: We have a very large footprint and network of agents that allows us to respond to our clients’ requests all over the world. This gives us the possibility to offer a central contact for the global customer, and a local contact for each area in the world. We are “global & local”…

The teams are made up of our own experts in relocation, immigration, moving, global mobility management, implementation, audit etc… in our local offices.

The largest Global Mobility Survey Report in the industry that allows us to understand market trends and thus adapt to our clients’ needs (Want to check what it is about? Order your digital copy here)

Our common IT system across all our offices allows us to manage the mobility assigned to us. Our clients also have access so they can track all current cases and get the information they need.

We make it easy!

What is your biggest challenge for the coming year?

Charles: Maintaining our business, working with new clients and continuing to offer quality services. In addition, in a world that is constantly changing, we need to remain flexible and adapt to new needs.

What message would you like to pass on to your customers or future customers?

Charles: Santa Fe is constantly striving to accompany you and offer you the best service.

Our experience, the commitment of our men and women, our customers, our expertise, our customer and quality orientation, our flexibility, our accreditations, our references etc… are all assets that we put at your disposal to succeed with you.



Finally, a few words to describe Santa Fe Relocation?

Charles: Santa Fe Relocation assists companies in the international mobility of their employees by providing immigration, relocation, moving, global mobility management and HR MI audit services.

Our global presence allows us to assist our clients wherever they need to be in the world.

A concluding sentence?

Charles: I look forward to working with you on your international mobility projects. My team and I will be delighted to support you in your efforts and answer your questions!


We would like to warmly welcome Charles! Please accept our congratulations and best wishes.

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