Event | Annual joint meeting of the Dutch ‘Contactgroepen Buitenland’

Date: Tuesday, November 19th 2019
Time: 8:30am to 12:30pm (local timezone)
Venue: Liberty Global – Boeing Avenue 53, 1119 PE Schiphol Rijk, Amsterdam

This event is an excellent opportunity to understand leading trends from the latest research into the evolving role of the global mobility profession. Join us to debate and explore the findings within the context of your own mobility program.

Main points of discussion:

+ Experiences and pitfalls when outsourcing Expatriate activities; Facts and figures
+ Technological developments and the future of our profession; the job disappears or becomes more important
Santa Fe Relocation Global Mobility Survey, trends and analysis
+ Brexit and the posted workers challenge
+ Changes in labour law

You will benefit from concise, ‘to the point’ sessions to optimise your time and to ensure we have collaborative debate and discussions: your pragmatic program examples are highly essential! We compare the theory and experiences of global mobility specialists with lessons learned from outsourcing.

Contributions from:

– Liberty Global
– John Rason: Group Head of Consulting Services at Santa Fe Relocation
– Inge Nitsche: Expatise Academy’s Just in Time learning and Continuing Education
– Outsourcing (speaker will follow)
– Alain Camonier – Changes in labour law:
– Nihat Kurt – Immigration
– Ernst Steltenpöhl, chair Çontactgroep Buitenland II

To reserve your place, send a quick email to Ernst Steltenpöhl, chairman of the foreign contact group II: contactgroep.buitenland@gmail.com

We look forward to welcoming you at the event!

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