13 March 2020 | A COVID-19 update from Santa Fe Relocation

Dear clients, partners and assignees,

Right now, we are facing a pandemic COVID-19 situation, and it is clear that the coronavirus will have a major impact on our daily lives.

As Santa Fe Relocation is a global company, we have gained lots of experience protecting our people and work environment, securing business continuity and offering assistance to our clients and assignees. We are well-prepared and are able to support and provide assistance based on our response to the breakout in China a couple of months ago.

Besides our normal services, we have seen that we are able to help with alternative solutions and to help our clients in affected areas. We are all facing difficulties at the moment, but we are comforted that in a crisis like this, we are able to support you with our knowledge and network, no matter your destination or origin.

So, if you have any questions for us, reach out to your general account manager  or send us an email at covidresponse@santaferelo.com.

Please also note that safety is our number one priority.

Stay tuned for more updates and take care.

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