Santa Fe Relocation and Crowe recently hosted a roundtable of Global Mobility experts and human resource professionals to explore emerging opportunities and debate the challenges faced. This overview looks at the key themes explored and how they compare with our 2021/22 Global Mobility Survey (GMS) report*.

The insights from this forum reflect on a seismic shift in international ways of working and changes in the talent pool and technology.

Key insights:

  • Hybrid working is taking the lead; however, leadership still requires physical presence. Therefore, Global Mobility professionals have to strike a real balance between remote working and cross-border assignments.
  • Global Mobility professionals are now more visible to business leaders. They must work with key stakeholders to maintain their seat at the table—and ensure they transform from an operational role to a broader role encompassing global workforce management.
  • Global Mobility professionals need to be proactive, flexible, and agile in designing solutions that meet the changing needs of their organisation.
  • Investment is required in better technology to provide smarter data analytics to leadership teams and key stakeholders on the ROI of assignments.


Many thanks to the following people who facilitated the sessions:

Siobhan Cummins, Strategic GM Advisor.
Tracy Figliola, Global Hedge Fund Company.
Dinesh Jangra, Partner, Global Practice Leader, Crowe.
Dr Jenny Robinson, Visiting Fellow, Henley Business School—co-researcher.
Dr Phil Renshaw, Cranfield University Research Fellow and LIBF Visiting Professor.
Julia Palmer, COO, Santa Fe Relocation.

In addition, as part of the overview, we have identified ten key reflections for Global Mobility professionals to think about and discuss with their respective leadership teams.

To read the full overview, please Download the ROUNDUP report using the link below.

*This report was written by John Rason, Group Head of Consulting at Santa Fe Relocation, Head of Business Consulting, Santa Fe Relocation.

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