Brexit and the new immigration rules in the UK

As the UK officially left the EU on Friday 31 January 2020, the provisions for Freedom of Movement between the UK and EU will technically end on 31 December 2020.

The Home office recently outlined new Immigration Rules in respect of the UK that will come into effect on 01st January 2021.
The policy statement on the UK’s Points Based System setting out overall parameters for the new system was first published on 19 February 2020 and an additional statement on 13 July 2020. The new routes cover the main economic migration routes for visitors, workers, students and entrepreneurs who wish to come to the UK.

Thus, the new rules will govern the manner within which Non-British nationals including EU nationals will be eligible to enter, reside, work or study or set up a business within the UK after 01 January 2021.

What you need to know:

+ Free Movement will no longer exist
+ Home Office will treat both EU and non-EU citizens equally
+ Visa routes exclusive to EU citizens will be removed
+ More new visa routes will be launched from 2021
+ New Skilled Worker route allows no cap on numbers, no Resident Labour Market Test, expanded skills threshold and tradable points
+ The salary requirements for workers under Tier 2 (General) visa will be revised.
+ EU Nationals will need to be sponsored, from January 2021, if coming to the UK for employment reasons, barring self-employment, investor or other self-employment categories.
+ New Health and Care visa will be open for all nationalities working in health sectors
+ Current Global Talent route to EU citizens and non-EU will extend and new broader un-sponsored route will be launched.
+ A new Graduate route will be launched in summer 2021 to allow international students to work or look for a job after they graduate for two or three years.

Do you need to do anything now?

+ No. No date has been specified as yet, however we are informed that the new application routes will be opened soon for applications of those wishing to come to the UK after 01 January 2021.
+ Final details and more guidance on current and new Immigration Rules and the Points- Based System will be confirmed soon. (No date has been specified)
+ The Immigration Bill continues its passage through Parliament and will provide the legal basis for ending Free Movement.

For more information or assistance please contact:

Karla Lowe
Principal Immigration Lawyer

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