South Korea and Singapore agreed to launch Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) for those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 allowing them to be exempted from quarantine from 15 November 2021.

Who will be affected?

Singapore and South Korean residents who intend to enter both countries only after receiving all recommended inoculations of vaccines on the Emergency Use List approved by the World Health Organization.


On 8 October, the both governments signed a travel bubble agreement allowing those who have been fully inoculated against COVID-19 to travel freely without the need for quarantine. The Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) between the two countries reflect the strong bi-relations and trust in managing the COVID-19 situation.

Under the VTL scheme, fully vaccinated travelers can travel between both countries should they meet the following requirements:
• Have stayed in Singapore or South Korea in the last 14 days prior to departing
• Proof of Vaccination Certificate / Vaccine Status
• Negative COVID-19 test result issued within 72 hours of departure (*48 hours for traveling to Singapore)
• Medical insurance with coverage of hospitalization and COVID-19
• Valid entry visa
• Must be a direct flight from either Singapore or South Korea
• PRC test upon arrival with a negative result

In addition, South Korea and Singapore agreed on the mutual recognition of the COVID-19 vaccination certificates issued in both countries.

The detailed requirements and procedures may change and varies between both governments.


Effective 15 November 2021

Santa Fe Analysis

Despite the agreement and the uptick in demand, Korean authorities have yet to develop and distribute accurate guidelines on administrative details such as visa requirements, application procedures and PCR test requirements. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updated information once available.

However, we expect a high demand on the move and travel, therefore we strongly recommend you start planning your relocation earlier.

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We have a set of specially designed services to ensure you have a seamless relocation experience.

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