As we look towards 2020 and beyond – what should HR and Global Mobility be reflecting upon?

Watch the on-demand webinar ‘TALENT: Emerging trends in international work arrangements‘ which was originally broadcast live online from London on 11th July 2018.

Drawing from the findings in our research report Global Mobility Survey 2019, we took a deep dive into the first section, entitled ‘TALENT’, as well as sharing some ‘not yet seen’ talent-related findings and insights, which are not revealed in the report.

In this webinar, we explored the critical talent themes and trends that will influence the Global Mobility Industry towards 2020 and probably the next decade.

Julia Palmer, author of the first section of Santa Fe’s GMS 2019 report, captures the essence of why Global Mobility remains prominent in organisational growth:

Global mobility continues to be a vital tool for business to execute on their strategy. However, in 2019 we are seeing a shift in the profile of the mobile population. With more employee-initiated moves than ever, organisations must be flexible to meet not only the talent needs of the business, but also the motivations and expectations of the talent. With four generations in the workforce, demographic diversity has challenged global mobility professionals to think differently, to redefine more nimble programmes able to flex as needed


Watch the video to hear key topics of discussion on: 

  • The new deal – what shifts are happening in the organisational relationship with employees?
  • Thoughtful mobility – creating purpose-led global mobility frameworks to align business and talent purpose with multi-generational employee expectations
  • Employee value proposition for Mobility requires an holistic approach
  • Evolving diversity – how can we increase female engagement in international work arrangements?


Chair John Rason, Group Head of Consulting at Santa Fe Relocation is joined by Julia Palmer (Group Head of Relocation and Assignment Management Services at Santa Fe Relocation), and special guests Selina Jones-May (Group Director – Global Mobility and International Benefits at Worley, and Siobhan Cummins​ (Head of Global Mobility​ Human Resources​ at Naspers).


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Designed for Global Mobility professionals. This webinar is part of our ‘Global Mobility Insights’ series.