Date: Wednesday, 16th of June
Sessions: 10:00 – 10:45 BST OR 16:00 – 16:45 BST

Benefiting from growth accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare (P&H) industry presents a progressive landscape for the mobility function to truly transform its identity and agenda.

In our upcoming workshop we will explore the key trends and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic within the Pharmaceutical and Health (P&H) sector. Our panellists will be discussing and highlighting the progress made within mobility functions in the P&H sector compared with all sectors based on research findings from Santa Fe Global Mobility Survey, Repurpose: Challenging Change 2020/21.

The webinar will be hosted by John Rason our Group Head of Consulting joined by Julia Palmer our Chief Operating Officer Relocation; Selina Jones-May, Global HR Leader – Global Mobility, Benefits & People Projects; Tosin Adenrele, Manager, Global Mobility, Compensation & Benefits EMEA. 

We have two sessions available, you can choose the one that you wish to attend.



  • Projected growth in the P&H industry and the impact on the mobility function’s structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Level of digital innovation within the broader P&H industry vs the mobility function.
  • Developing the business case for investment in assignment technology.


  • The P&H ‘talent deficit’.
  • Managing compliance to mitigate barriers to talent mobility.
  • Policy segmentation including remote working and flexible assignment arrangements.
  • Integration of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (E,D&I) targets into the P&H mobility programme.

Ask the panel:
the panel will address any particular questions or themes that provoke questions during the Webinar.

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