Webinar video | The Global Mobility Survey 2018 | REACT: Transformation in the Age of Uncertainty

What the webinar covers  

 As part of our Global Mobility Highlights series, we are delighted to share our ‘REACT: Transformation in the age of uncertainty‘ webinar that is based on our 2018 Global Mobility Survey report.

Watch this webinar to hear first-hand the expert insights and commentary from the contributors of the report. In just 60 minutes, gain an overview of the main themes of the report, explore what the key findings mean for Global Mobility teams and learn from expert guidance from industry thought leaders.

  • Global Mobility industry trends – current and future.
  • RISK: Balancing compliance and risk
  • TALENT: Talent management: the future of work
  • TRANSFORM: A window of opportunity for Global Mobility teams?
  • FUTURE: Future trends in Global Mobility
  • THRIVE: Thrive in the age of uncertainty
  • Conclusions