In this webinar, we shared the latest thinking on the popular industry topic ‘the changing role of the Global Mobility profession’— with a spotlight on exploring how Global Mobility teams can successfully manage and shape their evolving role within their organisation— in a way that contributes most value. 

Watch the on-demand webinar ‘Redefining the contribution of the Global Mobility profession‘ which was originally broadcast live online from London on September 26th 2019.

There is no doubt that Global Mobility for many organisations has either undergone or about to go through a period of transformation. How employees work around the world and the role of the Global Mobility function itself has been evolving for years—and is still changing.

It’s a topic that we track year-on-year in our annual award-winning research report,  and we have seen the progress reported by many professionals in the changing nature of their Global Mobility roles over the years. 

Our latest research from our eighth edition Global Mobility Survey 2019 (GMS 2019), REVISION: Mobility through the looking glass reveals that nearly three quarters (73%) of the Global Mobility professionals surveyed expect their Global Mobility team structure to transform in some capacity over the next two years. 

We  explored this topic in-depth to help Global Mobility teams to navigate the predicted changes ahead.

Throughout the webinar, we  shared more research findings , to underpin the discussions. Watch the webinar recording to gain insights and recommendations into key questions surrounding the topic, such as:  What’s driving the change? What’s next for Global Mobility teams? What changes are predicted over the next 24 months? What are the expectations of business leaders?

This webinar video is designed for HR and Global mobility professionals and is part of our Global Mobility insights series.

In detail  |  What does the webinar video over?

  • What do Business Leaders think will impact Global Mobility teams over the next 24 months?
  • How will the Global Mobility team structure evolve over the next 24 months?
  • Industry and regional perspectives on the changing role of Global Mobility.
  • Where Global Mobility spend most time versus should be spending time—a multi-industry analysis.
  • The impact of digital innovation and the role of technology in facilitating change in the role of the Global Mobility function.
  • The latest 2019 related Global mobility trends – from the ‘Transform’ section of our research report, the 2019 Global Mobility Survey.

Why watch?

In under an hour, gain an overview of the topic as well as:

  • Hear recommendations about how to successfully navigate change in your HR/Global Mobility department
  • Hear typical challenges and guidance on how to overcome them.
  • Stay ahead of key industry trends.


Attracting, engaging and retaining employable talent is one of the most important priorities for organisations, and Global Mobility teams need to establish their place in their organisation’s process…Extract from our 2019 Global Mobility Survey pg. 31


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