White paper | Global Mobility ROI—the bridge of credibility

What the white paper covers:

This white paper  tackles two hot topics in one paper: 1) How can we calculate and report on the return on investment (ROI) of international assignment and 2) How can the Global Mobility function transform to become a strategic influencer within the business?

The Global Mobility industry has been talking about the ROI of international assignments for at least 20 years. How the Global Mobility function can get a seat at the strategic table in an organisation, is one of the most talked-about topics in the industry.

In this white paper, the authors share their thinking on how these two key themes in the Global Mobility industry are, in fact, intrinsically linked—How ROI is the ‘bridge of credibility’ and a key enabler towards Global Mobility transforming to become a strategic influencer.

Download the paper, to read:

  • What are the best measures for ROI of International assignments?
  • Optimising ROI from international assignments.
  • Gain invaluable insights from subject matter experts
  • Exploration of the challenges that GM teams are facing.
  • Subject matter experts reveal their insights and recommendations to GM teams.
  • Get a list of practical considerations that GM practitioners can use to assess their own progress with measuring ROI.Gain recommendations on: How to tackle the challenges of measuring ROI; Determining the best measures of ROI in your organisation; The role data analytics and technology play; Building a business case as well as presenting it; How can HR and GM present the data?