White paper | The Brexit Effect on Group Relocations

What the paper covers:

Is Brexit driving organisations to consider relocation en masse to another country?

Moving a whole headquarters, or indeed an entire organisation, from one country to another is a totally different mobility strategy, which requires a well-thought through plan.

The end-game for any such relocation should be to ensure as many of the desired talent agree to relocate, remain engaged and retained on a long-term basis.

Global mobility teams play an absolutely pivotal role in enabling organisational success and return on investment, by making sure that there is a well-structured, one-time relocation programme for the organisation as a whole.

This Paper brings together the expert insights and guidance from the White Paper ‘The Risks and Challenges of Brexit Relocations’, and webcast ‘Effective Group Relocations’. It covers:

  • The importance of employee acceptance
  • The effect of group dynamics
  • Planning: The key questions to consider
  • The four pillars for success