White paper: The future of work and the impact on Global Mobility—Part two

What the white paper covers:

A follow-on from part-one of the same topic, the white paper explores:

  • Where are we now? Gain an review of the shifts in the types of assignments being used, and what the implications are for mobility policies
  • Expert Insights. A deep dive into the challenges of compliance, talent attraction and evolving assignment types and destinations
  • A look into the future. Gain an expert view on some of the changes Global Mobility teams should be expecting over the short to medium term. Is your Global mobility function and organisation prepared?
  • Expert recommendations. Recommended key actions for HR and Global Mobility teams to take to effectively manage these changes.

Following the recent launch of Santa Fe Relocation’s 2018 Global Mobility Survey entitled ‘REACT: Transformation in the age of uncertainty’, this White Paper (part one and two) focuses on findings from section three of the report.