White paper | Has cultural adaptation ever been so critical?

This Paper addresses why organisations need to recognise the impact of cultural adaption and integration when deploying talent internationally. Written by subject matter experts John Rason , Head of Consulting at Santa Fe Relocation and Daniel Werder, Group Head of Client Development at Santa Fe Relocation. It explores the question: How do organisations ensure that their employees (and family units) are culturally, emotionally and commercially prepared for life in a new arrival country?

As we move into a new decade, organisations and governments are coming to terms with thriving and adapting to new opportunities and challenges in both emerged and emerging markets. Organisations are increasingly drawing on diverse talent from new sources on a global basis yet paradoxically, governments seek to pursue more nationalist agendas. As the current COVID-19 pandemic is only likely to add greater complexity to these trends, organisations will seek to fulfil their objectives while mitigating any risks in this new normal.

Download this white paper to explore:

  • Research and Global Mobility trends from the Santa Fe Relocation’s research report ‘2019 Global Mobility Survey ‘REVISION: Mobility through the looking glass
  • The growth of differential investment in mobility programmes.
  • Business drivers for international assignments
  • The impact of training on international assignment success
  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing: A Duty of Care
  • Mitigating risk
  • Training in the New Normal
  • The Role of Digital Technology

As part of Santa Fe Relocation’s ‘Global Mobility Insights’ series – supporting HR/Global Mobility teams manage a globally mobile workforce.