How can Santa Fe Relocation help my move to Bristol?

In coordination with our global network, we provide moving journeys to destinations around the world, including Bristol. Each and every one of our moves is characterised by an unwavering dedication to quality, right down to the smallest details. Whatever you need for the perfect Bristol move, we’re confident we can provide. However, if there is a moving service you require that we haven’t listed, please don’t hesitate to let a member of our team know. We will work with you to find the right solution.


Bristol moving services

We provide moving services designed to make your move to Bristol as seamless as possible. One example is our efficient home finding service, which is run and managed by our talented move coordinators. They’ll generate a comprehensive list of properties based on your personal preferences; whatever you need for the perfect house, just let us know.

If you’re moving to Bristol from outside the UK, you might want to consider our area orientation service. Opting for it means getting a professional tour of Bristol’s key locations, including what we consider to be the best places to live. As well as this, you’ll be shown what day-to-day life is like in Bristol and gain an understanding of the local amenities, schools and cultural hotspots. For more information on how our moving services can help, contact our friendly team today on +44 (0)208 963 2513. You can also find out how much your move could cost with our accurate,  free quote form.


Bristol highlights

  • Fiercely independent, but welcoming spirit
  • Iconic music and art scenes
  • Close to plenty of green spaces and nature reserves
  • Strong job market
  • Exciting dining opportunities (street food is abundant and cheap)

Bristol history

Plenty of Palaeolithic and Neolithic evidence exists in Bristol, with stone tools found in terraces of the River Avon. There exists as well, a number of Iron Age forts dating back to pre-Roman times, highlighting Bristol as a fascinating centre for understanding Britain’s ancient ancestors. During the Roman era however, Bristol became an important location as a port town, where Romans probably launched some of their invasions of Wales from.

Once the Romans had left and the Saxons arrived, Bristol remained an important hub of trade, with slaves sold by the Saxons to Ireland. From here, the Viking rulers of Dublin would transport them to the wider world. Slavery was abolished in the years after the Norman conquest of England, with Bristol centring itself as a thriving meeting place for merchants from Spain, Portugal and later, North America.

Bristol continued to develop as a trading city well into the industrial revolution, laying the foundations for factories that would produce essential aircraft during the first and second world wars. During the latter conflict, Bristol was heavily bombed and you can still visit the ruins of various churches today. Nowadays, Bristol represents the cutting edge of music and art culture in the UK, with pivotal genres originating from the many famous clubs. The world famous graffiti artist, Banksy, first honed his inimitable craft on the streets of Bristol.


Life in Bristol

Living in Bristol means joining a city determined to maintain the communities of smaller towns and villages. It’s not at all uncommon for people to form meaningful bonds with their neighbours, which is quite a foreign concept in cities like London! Move to Bristol with an open mind and you might just make a friend for life.

The quality of living is exceptionally high in Bristol, with the city storming to the top of the UK’s best places to live list in 2017. An excellent job market, close proximity of amenities and a thriving, diverse population mark Bristol out as a desirable city for many. In recent years, significant numbers of Londoners have made the jump the Bristol and it’s a thankfully easy one. Most residents describe the city as small, but with all the conveniences and entertainment you’d expect from a much bigger city. Of course, small doesn’t necessarily mean space is limited, as you’ll find Bristol’s property market to boast plenty of variation for all manner of tastes.


Where to live in Bristol

Bristol might not boast the same diversity in districts and boroughs as some of the UK’s bigger cities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your own unique niche. Of course, a lot depends on your budget and preferences; thankfully Bristol has a little something for everyone.

Green spaces

If you have a love for green spaces and nature, you can’t do much better than Leigh Woods. Sure house prices might be on the steep side, though when the acres of woodlands erupt in spring blossoms (bluebells in April are a famous sight), you’ll understand why people pay so much to live here.

Picturesque perfection

Clifton is one of the most sought after areas for many people moving to Bristol. Its quaint boutique shops, period architecture and café culture mark Clifton as a great destination for families and professionals alike. Be sure to take a stroll through the Birdcage Walk in the spring, where the trees and flowers arch over a long path through a tranquil graveyard.

Ideal for families

If you’re moving to Bristol with children, Redland and Cotham’s plethora of exceptional schools make it a fantastic choice. Large, Victorian houses provide ample room for growing families and it is considerably cheaper than Leigh Woods. Don’t worry about missing out on green spaces; Redland and Cotham has plenty of room for allotments and the like.

Bohemian brilliance

Montpelier and Kingsdown are both almost tailor made for creative types and lovers of eclectic culture. With a rich and diverse community of artists, Montepelier in particular is a popular spot for people moving from London. Kingsdown is a similar, if slightly calmer district that builds a bridge between urban bohemia and suburban calm.

Views of the harbour

Over the years, Bristol’s harbourside has seen immense investment transform the once derelict area into one of the city’s most exciting locations. Stunning apartments overlook the harbour, which includes the iconic SS Great Britain (a steam-powered boat that was incredibly advanced for its time). Act quick because properties are in high demand, especially the ones with a waterfront view.

Whatever you need for the perfect Bristol move, we have the expertise to make it a reality. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one stop moving company. We make moving home easy for you.

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