Virtual Survey

Our Virtual Survey puts the power in your hands. Our free App means there’s no need for a surveyor home visit. You book an appointment at a time that suits you then open the App and survey your property, with no stress and no waiting around.

All you need is your smartphone to take stock of your possessions, get an accurate valuation, and free up time. The Virtual Survey provides us with such detail that we can produce a comprehensive estimate. The level of details allows us to process your move quote in half the time of a traditional survey.

Are you ready to start your Virtual Survey today? Download the free App from the Apple Store or Google Play now.

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A Helpful Guide to using the App

  • Download the free Shyft Moving App (you may incur download/data usage costs)
  • Book a survey time that best suits your schedule
  • When you’re ready to take the survey, make sure your smartphone is fully charged
  • Check that you have a strong and secure WIFI connection before starting the survey
  • Get a tape measure and keep it to hand
  • Grab a torch, so you can light up any darker areas such as under the stairs
  • Be prepared to open all your cupboards and drawers
  • Make sure to highlight any high value or fragile items during the survey
  • Take your survey at your own leisure and enjoy a speedy valuation from Santa Fe Relocation!

If you have any questions then please contact us.

Santa Fe Relocation was the winner of the “Relocation Management Company of the Year” and “International Moving Company of the Year” at the FEM EMMAs 2017. We use our drive, quality, integrity and passionate people to deliver the best possible customer service. We prioritise the safe storage of all private data and always encrypt customer information before storing it on our secure server.

We make moving house easy.

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