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The top 5 happiest countries for expats

Hundreds of thousands of us move country every year. And in preparing to move we all weigh up salary packages and job opportunities. But there is much more to a successful and happy relocation. That’s why we’ve done the research for you, so you can rest assured that you will live the happiest life abroad, whether it’s in Spain, Panama or Vietnam. Discover your happy place below!


Home to more than 4.5 million foreign nationals, Spain is one of Europe’s most popular expat destinations – and we can certainly see why. The simple joys of Spanish living, such as the delight of freshly prepared paella or a siesta on the beach, and relaxed pace of living draw thousands to the sunny destination each year. Moreover, eating out, public transport, groceries and property prices are incredibly affordable, making Spain one of the top choices when it comes to moving abroad. And these great prices, great food and time outdoors result in very happy reports from expats.


If you’re an expert in finance or infrastructure, head to Panama! Jobs in these industries are plentiful and expat employment is generally high. So you won’t have any trouble progressing your career in this tropical location. Boasting high temperatures all year round, Panama is perfect for those who crave warmer climates and a low-cost lifestyle. Moreover, Panama is far more developed and modern than most people anticipate when they first visit, making it even more expat-friendly.


If you are yet to be lured into expat life, Vietnam will change your mind. Expats live happy lives in Vietnam for two reasons; the beautiful scenery, and all the intriguing places waiting to be explored. And there are a number of other reasons why so many people decide to move to Vietnam, including the affordable cost of living compared to other countries, and great food. Home to one of the fastest growing economies, Vietnam boasts an array of unmissable opportunities for anyone considering a move abroad.


Expats love living in Thailand. The Thai locals are extremely friendly, making settling-in one of the easiest parts of the move. Filled with beach bars, full moon parties and restaurants galore, Thailand boasts activities suitable for all to enjoy – even off-season is a blast in Thailand. During low season, there are very few tourists around, making it easy for locals to find the best discounted tours and affordable accommodation across the islands.

New Zealand

Surprisingly, Australia doesn’t feature in the top happiest countries for expats, but New Zealand does. Championed for its outdoor lifestyle and schools for children, New Zealand is possibly one of the easiest – and happiest – places to live in the world. Not only is it incredibly easy to move to this English speaking country, but New Zealand has plenty to do for the whole family. If you move here, rest assured that you will not get bored of fishing, diving and hiking.


With over 120 years of international moving experience, we pride ourselves on creating happy and easy moves abroad. If you’d like to find out more information about the relocation process as an expatriate, contact a member of our friendly expert team, today.

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