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So you’ve arrived in your new city! Months of planning, preparation and anticipation have lead to this, but now you are off the plane and about to embark on your new journey as an expat. We’re sure you’ve sorted the basics like where you are going to stay, currency transfers and perhaps a job. But here are 5 recommendations from Santa Fe, to make sure you get things started on the right foot!

Make an emergency plan: It seems like common sense but make sure you research and learn emergency telephone number(s) in your new country. Know where to go in case of illness (and how you’re going to pay for healthcare). And always try to keep some extra cash separate in case of emergencies.

Walk and explore: now we’re sure you are excited to become acquainted with the countries train network (if they have one) and have already discovered the closest bus stop, but the best way to explore a new city is on foot. Set a whole day aside to have a wander – a day when it’s okay to get lost and have your own personal adventure.

Take time to enjoy new experiences: While it’s important to stay in touch with loved ones back home nothing dulls a sense of adventure more than homesickness and overreliance on messaging those you’ve only just left behind. Give yourself some time to settle in on the ground before going online. There will be plenty of time to take photographs and post bragging messages, but for now concentrate on enjoying every second of being in your new surroundings.
Don’t forget to enjoy some ‘me time’ too: Take some time to enjoy something which you’ve always loved back home – this might be reading a book, going for a run or even some arts and crafts projects.

Be a tourist: You’re living somewhere now, do the touristy things you’ve always wanted to, make the most of it! Don’t play it cool – go up the Empire State Building, admire the Sydney Opera House, ogle the Mona Lisa in the Louvre – and sample the local cuisine while you’re at it.
If you are having difficulty settling into your new surroundings, speak to Santa Fe Relocation Services. Our settling-in services are designed to help you through the vital first months of arriving in a new location. We ensure that you are comfortable in your new surroundings and able to better focus more on things like a new role in your new city.

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