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6 things you can’t miss in Hong Kong

Whether you’re a tourist, on a short work trip, or an expat (new or veteran), there are 6 things in Hong Kong that you have to do. And we’d argue, on a regular basis. These 6 highlights are fun, affordable, and can actually all be done in a day – if you’re on a tight schedule.

The cheapest Michelin Starred meal in the world

After an early morning exploring, perhaps following a trip to the peak or an early morning ride to the Big Buddha, get yourself to Tim Ho Wan. This (now) chain of delicious dim sum restaurants has one hole in the wall venue started by a previous head chef of the Four Seasons Hong Kong to thank for its now international infamy. Delectable dishes such as the cha siu bao (BBQ pork buns) won the now world-famous Sham Shui Po branch a Michelin star in 2017. And with most dishes on the menu offering up 3-6 pieces, and all costing under £5 a dish, this really is fine dining on a shoestring budget.

Add to that the bustling locals, shared or canteen style dining, and the ordering system (check your items on the menu paper, and wait as they come to you as they are cooked fresh), and this is a real experience. But the incredible food and prices draw hungry crowds on mass – so get there before 12 to secure a table without a long wait. A filling and delicious meal for two, with tea (help yourself from the fresh pots on the table for 50p per person all meal) will cost no more than £30. And with multiple branches in the city, there’s no excuse to not give it a go!

Drinks in Soho

Whether you go exploring the old prison and stop into The Dragonfly (check out the ceiling) or are going to explore the many buzzing bars of Soho district, there’s really no better night out. Just a 5/10-minute walk from the harbour, Hong Kong’s Soho is home to some of the trendiest and most sought after restaurants and bars, and is a hub of Hong Kong night life. Grab a cocktail (or mock-tail) after a long day in the office, with new friends, or while showing visitors around the city.

The Peak Tram

For less than £10 you can take one of the oldest funicular trams in the world up to the sky terrace – a short but very steep journey to the viewing platform at the highest point in Hong Kong, from which you can admire the 360 views. Look over the entire city, out to Lantau, over Macau and even out to mainland China across the sea.

Running from 7am until midnight almost every day all year round, travel sharply uphill and watch as (it seems) the high rises around you start to lean at an angle. Once at the top, be stunned by your view from 1300 feet above sea level.

The skyline city light-show

The famous skyline is something to behold in the day, but at night the whole city front comes alive. In what seems to be a bright neon competition, each of the impressive city skyscrapers light up, with coloured lasers into the sky and LED patterns and images adorning the buildings themselves. Every evening at 8pm the whole waterfront comes alive to music, and it’s a must see 15 minutes in Hong Kong.

For the very best experience of the light shows get the ferry over to Kowloon harbour, under 10 minutes from the Hong Kong city, and enjoy dinner in one of the harbour-facing restaurants or bars. Alternatively, book a trip on one of the junk boats, and for around £25 you can experience the whole spectacle from the water, and appreciate the view of both sides of the display.

Star Ferry

Famous, tranquil and inexpensive. The Star Ferry glides commuters, tourists and school children from Hong Kong central to Kowloon in 5-10 minutes running from 7 am until 10.30 pm daily. And while a short journey on a passenger boat may not sound like much, this institution of Hong Kong life is the perfect way to get a full view of both sides of the skyline and really soak in the city.

The Thousand Buddha temple

If you’re afraid of heights, this one comes with one impressive hike. But for those ready to brave being up high, the views from the cable cars taking you from Tung Chung, Lantau Island, straight up to the Big Buddha and the Thousand Buddha Temple. And for the really adventurous there are glass bottom cable cars to whisk you on the 25 minutes along the nearly 6km of cable!

Not only are the views from the cable car a full 360 degrees on unspoilt Hong Kong, ocean and mountains of Lantau Island, but the Big Buddha is one of the country’s most popular and awe-inspiring attractions.

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