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A moving journey: from the North Pole to Australia

Tired of relentless cold, ploughing the snow between the elf’s warehouses, and constant issues with supply of materials, Santa had enough. After eternity spent in the North Pole, he and Mrs Claus saw red with the arctic circle and have relocated.

And with a family business to keep going, moving over their busiest period of the year has been no mean feat. So, when they decided to pack up their stockings and move, who else would they turn to but his namesake and expert international moving company, Santa Fe Relocation. As the expert removals company entrusted to get the big man in red across the ocean and settled into his new home in Australia (exact location remains unpublished, for his security), we take a look at the moving elements that made this transition easy.

With so many responsibilities and a tight deadline to work to, good old Saint Nicholas came to us with a remit: find me the perfect place in the sun and move the whole team and all their belongings in time to spend the Christmas period in their new home.

He and Mrs Claus needed lots of outdoor space in a sunny climate, close proximity to a beach, a large driveway, stables and a number of outbuildings, all in a very remote location. So, our expert moving co-ordinators got to work.

We flew the couple out to the sunshine for an area orientation, so a local expert could show them the area we had handpicked for them – and they both fell in love with their new home. They were blown away with the sun, sea, and how well our relocation experts had matched this location to their needs.

Like many international relocators, there was some initial trepidation about the huge culture change: after a lifetime in the cold, this sunny paradise seemed like a huge change. And despite travelling a lot for work, Mr Claus had never spent any real time in Australia. Both were worried about language and lifestyle differences between their new home and what they were used to. But thanks to the support of our cultural training courses, the pair were confident that they could make the move work.

Australia ticked all the boxes, so the house search team began creating the perfect short list. Despite the very specific requirements, their local knowledge meant that within a few weeks Santa had several properties to choose from. And amongst the shortlist was the Claus’ perfect new home.

With new home sorted, it was onto more logistics. And with Christmas around the corner the Claus’ were relieved to discover that we could take care of every aspect of their move. Beginning with arranging travel for the couple and all the elves, as well as arranging the moving day process.

As with all our clients undertaking a full international relocation, we begin by arranging a moving date as well as a full team to pack and move their personal belongings. Due to the extreme amount of possessions in this instance, we suggested that everything that wasn’t needed be packed early by our removals team, and put in storage out of the way until it was time to ship.

On moving day, our team in the North Pole arrived early with the latest in packing technology to safely pack up all of the remaining possessions and safely load them onto the moving truck – ready to be shipped via freight overseas to Australia. Mrs Claus told us that she loved being able to rest assured that everything was being safely packed away and would be transported securely with the additional safety of our shipment protection. And neither her, Santa, or a single elf had to pack or lift one box – saving all their energy for the upcoming present rush on the 24th December.

But this wasn’t all our team had taken care of. One of Mr Claus’ biggest concern was missing even one single letter related to Mr Claus’ work. Thankfully our departure services took care of this – ensuring that all mail from their old address is redirected, ensuring a smooth transition from one home to the next.

His vintage and one-of-a-kind vehicle had also been taken care of. Their move coordinator had arranged vehicle shipping as part of the move preparation, transporting their vehicle safely overseas. This included physical transportation as well as making sure that all import requirements were met. Santa’s sleigh was shipped to Australia ahead of time, as we were aware that this work vehicle would be needed in their new location from the 20th December onwards.

And the same is true of a large number of highly prized and beloved Pets. The Claus’ needed to ensure the safe transit of 8 reindeer, who are both pets and part of the family business. Thanks to pre-arranged travel and vet certified health checks, the pet relocation experts arranged for the travel to coincide with the Claus’ arrival. All 8 arrived happy and healthy the day after the Claus’ got into their new home, allowing them time to settle in and the movers time to unpack and get the home ready for their arrival.

When the Claus’s arrived in Australia, we had a driver ready to meet them at the airport to take them straight to their new property. Our agent was there to greet them and hand over the keys, and shortly after the Moving team arrived with their possessions. The removals team got to work unpacking all their things while the Claus’ took the day to soak in the grounds of their new home and even had time to take the elves out for a quick BBQ lunch on the beach while our team finished up. And thanks to the fantastic settling-in team, the broadband and all utilities were up and running from day one, as were their new bank accounts.

We asked Mr and Mrs Claus: What did you like most about Santa Fe’s service?

Mrs Claus: It was all so easy. We didn’t have to lift a box or unpack at the other end. The team were brimming with local knowledge and really helped match us to our dream location.

Mr Claus: They say that moving to a new house is one of the most stressful things you can do, but I couldn’t disagree more! This was our first ever move after centuries in the North Pole, and it was overseas. The whole thing went without a hitch, despite us moving in the run up to the busiest part of my year, workwise.

Are you looking to move overseas? Why not let us take care of all of the stress and do the heavy lifting, just like the Claus’ did? We’re the experts who make moving easy.

We make moving home easy for you, and we’re approved by Santa!

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