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Independence Day

If you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate the Fourth of July in another country, we can help! Regardless of where you live in the world, you can be confident that you don’t have to miss out on all the action happening back home. From hosting your own evening fireworks display, to simply dressing in red and blue for the day, here are our top tips to hosting the perfect Independence Day bash.

Dress the part

Regardless of whether you’re living half way across the globe or a mere short plane ride (or even a cross-border drive) away from America, dressing the part will never go amiss. If you’re celebrating Independence Day living abroad this year, why not dress in red and blue? To go one step further, dress in all American brands! Dressing the part is easy and requires little effort. You never know, you may have everything you need already sat in your wardrobe! So, pull out your denim dungarees, a red camisole and white trainers before heading out to enjoy the day.

Host an Independence Day dinner

Whether you’re living abroad alone or with your family, you can still have an Independence Day dinner or lunch depending on your evening celebration plans. While you’ll be able to find a restaurant serving American cuisine in most countries abroad, why not host your own dinner at home? Here you can serve the American favourites your family and friends love such as hot dogs and hamburgers. Dressed in your red and blue outfit, you’ll really feel the part! If you can’t hunt down your favourite snacks or food, then why not put a twist on traditional American food by integrating a taste of your new country.

Hunt down American snacks

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going all out with your Independence Day dinner or would like to keep your celebrations low-key, American snacks never go amiss. While you may have to shop around to find the best snacks your new home has to offer from cookies and popcorn, to dips and spreads, any snacks are certain to go down a treat. Alternatively, why not challenge your guests to bring along their favourite American snacks? Your homesick heartstrings may be tugged a little, but celebrating Independence Day abroad can be just as exciting.

Create an American playlist

Creating an American playlist is easy and with the likes of Spotify available at the tap of a finger, you can find all the classics that will remind you of all the fantastic memories you had back at home. Plus, if you’re hosting a party, an American playlist really will put your guests in the mood to dance the day, and night, away. From They’re Coming to America by Neil Diamond to Living in America by James Brown, these are just a couple of songs you absolutely have to play!

Serve American drinks

After an afternoon full of laughter, snacks and plenty of dancing, what’s better than serving your guests with American drinks? Depending on where you live, you may be able to find some great beverages that will certainly go down a treat. From soft drinks such as sodas and root beer to serve the little party-goers among your invitation list to American brews, such as Coors Light or a glass of bourbon, that are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces, you simply can’t go wrong!

You don’t have to miss out this Independence Day if you have recently moved abroad. Instead, embrace your patriotism and make the most of the celebrations ahead. For more information about how we can assist your move, get in touch with our friendly expert team, today.

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