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Moving to the UK – The most renter friendly places in the UK

Renting the perfect home is an adventure: hunting out a place that has all your ‘must haves’, meets your style and size preferences, and has great transport links to your job and the things and people you love most.

It’s recommended that the cost of renting totals no more than 30% of your income, but the unfortunate reality is that in much of the world this is no longer the case. Often rents exceed the recommended financial threshold, leaving renters in the position of choosing to prioritise saving money, or sacrificing their expendable cash for the dream place. But it’s not all doom and gloom! You can have the dream home at the dream price.

We have taken some of the hard work out of the search. This is our list of the UK’s best rental locations, where prices are competitive, and the options are vast!


The buzzing metropolitan city of Leeds has it all: great job opportunities, excellent transport links, incredible night life and world class educational facilities. And, to top it off, the rental market here offers some of the most affordable properties in the UK. With a one bedroom flat available from £500 a month, you can move to Leeds safe in the knowledge that you can find something that meets your needs and fits your budget.


Scotland has a lot to offer: busy cities, sleepy villages, and breath taking landscapes. From rugged coastline to mountain ranges, mountain walks and salmon fishing to Michelin starred restaurants, Scotland offers something for everyone. And Glasgow is a brilliant example of this. Throw in incredibly respectable rental prices, and you are sure to find that the city makes a brilliant home for those moving to the UK. You can snap up a one-bedroom home to rent here from just £450 a month.


Another of the top runners for the UK’s most rentable cities is the northern city of Liverpool. Famed for being the home of one of the UK’s biggest and most famous exports, the Beatles home city offers just as much now as it ever has to the international community. This bustling city has world class shopping, internationally recognised educational institutions and a musical legacy to rival Nashville. Plus, you can snap up a one bedroom flat for as little as £500 a month rent.


Wales’ capital city is a metropolitan force to be reckoned with. With a booming economy, excellent job opportunities and mass renovation, it’s fast becoming a major player amongst the most desirable locations in the UK. The city champions technology and start-ups and has been attracting some big companies. The Silicon Valley of the UK, Cardiff offers great career opportunities and incredible rental choice – all at prices starting around £600 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

Rental opportunities in the UK are as vast and varied as the locations you could choose to be your new home. We all know that renting in a capital city comes at a premium, and London does have some of the highest rental prices in the world. However, look around and there are some exciting and rewarding locations around the UK where rental prices are very competitive.

If you are relocating to the UK and want advice on finding your new home (or any element of an international move), we are the experts who are here to help. With 120 years’ experience in international relocation, we make moving home easy for you. Get in touch today and find out how Santa Fe Relocation will make this the best move of your life.

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