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While Singapore may not be well known for its beaches, you can be sure to find a lively spot or two if you’re looking to head out of the city to relax on your days off after you move to Singapore. There are a number of great beaches that you can head to, to really let your hair down and take note of the local culture in the area. There are two main areas for beaches in Singapore, with Sentosa Island being the tourist side of the beaches that are great for swimming, or Eastern Singapore for more of a local experience where you can cycle, eat, or camp to your hearts’ content. We’ve put together a list of some of the best beaches for you to visit in Singapore.

Palawan Beach

This is probably one of the quietest of the 3 main Sentosa Island beaches, but because of this it is one of the best places to head to if you’re looking for somewhere private to relax. There are a few bars and restaurants surrounding the beach, as well as a bridge which takes you to another island which is deemed to be the southernmost point of continental Asia. There’s plenty to do on this quiet beach, but it is definitely the place if you’re looking for a day of relaxation. This beach is deemed to be the best beach in Singapore, and with swaying palm trees, shimmering white sand, and a Pirate-theme water park there’s no better place to head to whether you’re looking for an adult day, or entertaining children.

Siloso Beach

This is probably the busiest part of Sentosa, but there is everything about the beach is Singaporean. You can find plenty of bars, little beach shops, and the clearest blue water that you can find in the Singapore. If you’re looking for a beach that is great for swimming then Siloso is it. On top of this, you can also enjoy plenty of beach sports and activities such as canoeing and horse-riding.

Changi Park

If you’re looking for that iconic picture of standing on a beach with a plane seemingly so close that you can touch it, then head to Changi Park in Eastern Singapore. This is a great beach to head to if you want to jog on some of the mysterious trails around Changi Beach Park. While the sea is a little rougher in this area meaning it’s not the best if you’re looking to go swimming, but with plenty of quaint bars and restaurants to enjoy, you’re certain to enjoy your time at Changi Park.

East Coast Park

This is the most popular beach located in Eastern Singapore, and because of this it can get very busy at weekends. It’s a great beach to head to if you’re looking to go cycling, and there’s also a Hawker centre nearby to enjoy when you’re finished on the sand, or you want to grab a seafood lunch. It is also a great swimming spot, which is rare to find on the beaches in Eastern Singapore. You can also camp here to really complete the experience, but you need to be sure to have a permit.

The beaches in Singapore provide the perfect escape from city life. If you’re looking to find the best beaches closest to you, then our settling in services may be able to help. Contact a member of our local team today.

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