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Moving to the USA

Texas is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing destinations in the world, with expats flooding to this U.S. state from all four corners of the world. There are hundreds of reasons to love Texas. However, it’s the state’s major cities that contribute enormously to its popularity. If you are considering an international relocation to this iconic American location, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a city to call home. Here is our run down of the top five largest Texan cities and what you can expect once you move there.


Houston is the fourth most populous city in America, located on the Buffalo Bayou River in East Texas. If you want to see rapid economic growth in action, Houston is certainly the place. The city is an absolute power house, with a faster growth rate than even New York City. With a strong job market, the Houston suburbs have virtually rock-bottom unemployment rates and the same can’t be said about a number of other states in the U.S. Houston is leading the way in the oil and gas industry, with growth also in manufacturing, technology and business services. Aside from big business, low living costs and low taxes, Houston also has great food, a fantastic art and culture scene as well as an expanse of parks and green open spaces. The population of Houston is becoming more and more diverse as people flock to benefit from its strong economy, high quality education and affordable real estate.


Dallas is an enormous metropolis that sprawls across the plains of northern Texas. Much like Houston, Dallas has a truly fantastic job market. With an incredibly diversified economy based in banking, technology, logistics, healthcare and energy, Dallas’ days of cattle, cotton and oil are long gone. Of America’s Fortune 500 companies, Dallas plays host to 18 of them. Despite being the second most expensive metropolitan area in Texas, homes in Dallas are still incredibly affordable. With some of the best education facilities in the nation, Dallas is certainly a popular destination for those with kids. As home to the School for the Gifted and Talented and The University of North Texas, Dallas can provide excellent educational opportunities. As host of the iconic Texas State Fair, exemplary shopping centres and fantastic food and nightlife, Dallas is the city that never sleeps.


The city of Austin is Texas’ capital of quirkiness. The city is green, highly educated, liberal and the laid-back sibling of the other Texan cities. Its unofficial slogan is ‘Keep Austin Weird’, and its residents do a great job of doing just that. Austin really is different to the rest of Texas, making it a fantastic place for entrepreneurs, college students and creative types. If you consider yourself a liberal, Austin is likely to suit you down to the ground. Austin has been reported to be the number one city in America for job creation. Most will find jobs in Austin in the high-tech industry, state government or at the prestigious University of Texas. You really will get more for your dollar in Austin, even though it is one of the more expensive Texan cities. Services, utilities, food and gasoline are all cheap here, as well as fantastic real estate.  The city is ‘The Live Music Capital of the World’, as well as home to one of the biggest Formula 1 tracks. So, if you love music and cars, you’re sure to love Austin.

San Antonio

The city of San Antonio is one of Texas’ most popular tourist destinations, and for understandable reasons. It is home to two incredibly famous attractions – the Alamo and the River Walk. With millions of tourists visiting every year, San Antonio is an important part of the popularity of Texas. However, San Antonio has more to offer than just tourist attractions. With a diversified economy focused on tourism, education, defence, health-care, manufacturing, call-centres, financial services and energy – San Antonio has plenty to offer the expatriate job market. Like the rest of Texas, San Antonio also benefits from low unemployment and cheap housing. There is a long distinguished military heritage in the city and it is home to one of the biggest concentrations of military bases in the US. With a beautiful blend of American and Mexican culture, San Antonio is a great destination for delicious food and culture that reflects both Spanish and Mexican roots.

El Paso

On the far west border of Texas, El Paso is a desert city that is famous for its Wild West history. It is the only metropolitan area of Texas that shares a border with Mexico and New Mexico. Its proximity to the border gives the city a fantastic mix of cultures. The city is the slow-paced relative of its other counterparts, with a more local vibe. El Paso has one of the strongest job markets in the nation and a low cost of living as well as low crime rate. It’s rated the safest large city in America, which is certainly an accomplishment. Expatriates are sure to love the great weather in El Paso, as well as the accompanying desert sunsets. Set amongst the Franklin Mountains, what the city makes up for in dramatic scenery, it loses is green space. Rock climbers, from far and wide, head to El Paso to make the most of Hueco Tanks Park. El Paso is the ideal destination for the expatriate that wants the ideal mixture of a fantastic job market, excellent weather and the great outdoors lifestyle.

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