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Moving to Switzerland

One of the most popular things to look for when relocating to a new country is to know about the food that they eat. When you relocate to countries such as America you may end up accustomed to many fast food outlets rather than national dishes (depending on the area that you move to). In Europe however, food is a way of life with each country having their own national dishes. This is very much the same in Switzerland, and to help you become accustomed to the food that locals eat in the country we have put together a list of the top 5 foods in Switzerland.


The Rosti is an iconic dish to have come from Switzerland and is made from frying circular patties of potatoes. In some cases, the Rosti mix can also include additional ingredients such as bacon, onion, and cheese, and the Rosti is often created as a side dish normally to accompany fried eggs and spinach.  This national dish is enjoyed all around the world, but traditionally was eaten by Bern farmers as a filling yet affordable meal.


Fondue is perhaps one of the most well-known and closely related dishes to have ever come out of Switzerland. This dish mainly consists of melted cheese, along with a few other ingredients such as onion, wine and garlic. The cheese is kept in and served to the table in a ceramic pot known as a caquelon with a small burner underneath in order to keep the cheese at a constant temperature. Then, diners will have small pieces of bread which is dipped into the cheese with a long fork. This dipping motion has been used to create similar dishes such as chocolate Fondue and is regularly eaten around the world.


This dish is a bit of a mouthful, however it certainly is delicious. It translates to ‘cut meat Zurich style’ but if you spot this one on a menu in Switzerland the cut meat is likely to be veal and veal liver. This is generally cooked with mushrooms, onions, wine and cream and can be eaten with a number of things including a Rosti, noodles or rice. However, many variants have been created through people cooking the dish at home, and the meat can be substituted with pork or chicken.


This rich desert consists of a nut filled pastry which is regularly baked in small, independent bakeries across Switzerland. Having originated in the canton of Graubunden, this dish has been adapted across the cantons throughout the country. However the basic recipe of short crust pastry filled with cream, sugar and chopped nuts remains the same.

Berner platte

This Bernese speciality platter is the perfect dish if you are feeling hungry and you love meat. The Berner plane consists of a range of meats such as beef, ham, smoked bacon, smoked beef, pork tongue, ribs, knuckle, loin, and shoulder marrowbone. Sauerkraut, potatoes and dried beans also accompany the dish. This dish was created as a celebratory dish in 1798 after the Bernese defeated the French at Neunenegg.

If you are considering moving to Switzerland and you need some help settling in and finding the best places to eat some of these delicious dishes, then contact a member of our local team today.

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