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Ukraine crisis | International moving update 19 May 2022

Dispatch from Kyiv

As previously reported, the Santa Fe Relocation office in Kyiv resumed working on May 1 and they are now fully operative! Preparing quotes and performing packings and deliveries in Kyiv. Enquiries about packings and deliveries at other locations in Ukraine should be checked in every case.

Kyiv is more or less safe at the moment, although there are several air raid alerts almost every day and night when most people are in the bomb shelters and remain there due to possible missile attack. Public transport including the subway still operates. During air raid alerts the subway stops and people stay there until the air raid alert is ended.

Refinery bombed

Despite the extraordinary resilience of the Ukrainian people, there is still an extreme shortage of staff including office personnel and packers as many people left Ukraine and have not yet returned.

Fuel in most regions of Ukraine including Kyiv is very scarce, as the main Ukrainian petroleum refinery in Kremenchug was recently bombed by Russia and almost destroyed.

Kyiv is experiencing extreme volatility of all costs including labour, packing materials, customs clearance and especially road freight due to the unstable security situation and uncertainty regarding fuel availability and prices.

Naval blockade

All air and sea transportations to Ukraine have been suspended since the beginning of the war, as Ukrainian ports are under naval blockade and air transportations have totally stopped. Currently shipping to and from Ukraine is possible only by land to most European destinations. Transit through Russia is no longer possible.

Export sea shipments can still be shipped from Kyiv via the nearby port of Constanza in Romania, but to limited destinations, and not all carriers accept personal effects shipped from Ukraine. Sea freight charges have increased for at least USD 3,000 for every shipment and a deposit is required for every container in the amount of USD 1,000-USD 5,000 which is refunded upon return of the container to the carrier after unloading.

Cash only

Currently we work on full pre-payment terms only, as all road and sea freight carriers request pre-payment of freight, subcontractors request payment for packing services in the end of every week, packing materials are produced only after full payment is arranged.

As always, our top priority is to ensure the safety of our customers and employees during the delivery of services. In the first instance, please get in touch with your local Santa Fe Relocation representative or email to discuss how we can assist you with your relocation requirements.

Santa Fe Relocation are actively monitoring this situation and are adapting to assist you and your assignees. We will keep you aware of any further developments.


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