Neil Bothams

CEO APAC, Middle East & Africa

Neil is CEO for Santa Fe Relocation AMEA and is based in Singapore. Commercially driven and forward-looking, Neil oversees the regional strategy and leads international teams in markets.

He joined Santa Fe Relocation in 2015. He was responsible for the European business and successfully led the teams through some big changes. As Neil highlights; his European role enabled him to experience relocation upfront and personal.

Just before joining Santa Fe Relocation Neil was European COO for a logistics company within the world-leading Gategroup which services airlines across the globe.

Building on his engineering degree, he has enjoyed more than 25 years of experience in prestigious FMCG companies like Unilever, Mars, and Pepsico. He thrives on customer engagement and helping teams perform better.

Biggest professional achievement?

The biggest is yet to come! I think my ability to thrive in different industries by being open to learning about the business I am in and listening to the people within it.

Best piece of leadership advice you ever received?

At Centrica I learned this definition of what Leadership involves:  Sharing a compelling vision and then challenging and supporting your people in equal measure to make it happen, today! I love its simplicity.

Something unusual about yourself that most people at work don’t know.

I was the Swimming Club captain of my local team in 1990.  And now watch with interest from the side as my oldest son powers through the water!


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