Destination settling in services

With 96 offices in 47 countries Santa Fe Relocation can provide you full assistance during your settling in period following your relocation, wherever you are in the world. The settling in period is that time after a relocation when you and your loved ones will familiarise with the new surroundings and the practicalities of the day to day life in the new country or location.

Santa Fe Relocation’s mission enables people to work, live and thrive in new places around the world and for this reason after you have arrived at your destination we will help you and your family to feel at home with our full range of relocation settling in services.

Santa Fe Relocation’s destinations settling-in services are designed to help you through the vital first months of arriving in a new location, ensuring that you can focus on whatever is most important to you, your career or the education of your children.

What’s included

Santa Fe Relocation provides a comprehensive and flexible menu of relocation settling-in services that can be tailored based on you and your loved ones needs.

The Relocation Settling-in Assistance that we provide can include:

  • Customised welcome pack with general information about your new location
  • Banking services
  • Setting up utility and broadband connection
  • Auto purchase/lease assistance
  • Health care system overview
  • Automotive and property insurances
  • Driver’s licence and car registration
  • Furniture rental
  • Assistance in locating doctors, shopping, houses of worship and speciality foods
  • Translation services
  • Local registration


Booking our destination settling in services will give you the support that is needed when starting a new life in a new location. All the relocation settling in services are flexible and can be built around your personal needs with the help of our destination services specialists. The major benefits of these services are on the emotional level as they will help to reduce stress and anxiety and the time to settle in in your new location.

Our services

When it comes to getting your belongings where they need to be, Santa Fe Relocation is committed to taking the hassle out of your relocation with both convenience and efficiency as a priority.


Make your new destination feel like home with our orientation services.

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With 96 offices in 47 countries we offer complete door-to-door shipping services.

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Temporary housing

Find your short-term accommodation before moving into your new home.

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Pet relocation

Give your pets all the care and attention they deserve during your move.

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School search

Find the best school for your children in your new destination.

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Language training

Integrate yourself more easily into your new destination with our language and the culture services.

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Departure support

Make your international repatriation easier with our range of departure services.

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Home finding

Find your new home, locally or internationally, with the help of our experts.

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Shipment protection

Whether you are moving locally or internationally is important to get shipment protection to ensure that your belongings arrive at destination safely.

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Vehicle shipping

Our packing experts are trained to make sure your vehicle is handled and moved safely.

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