Professional storage in London

Santa Fe Relocation makes locating quality storage a seamless experience. We provide efficient storage solutions for all of our customers, including our range of cost-effective storage units in London. Whatever it is you need stored, you can be sure our storage facilities will keep it safe.

Whether you’re moving home or simply need some extra space, the most important thing is to make sure your belongings are safely secured. Our professional packers will collect your possessions using our advanced packing materials and techniques, before carefully transporting them to our secure London warehouse. There they’ll stay in our storage units, which are protected by 24/7 CCTV and on-duty staff at all times.

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Here are some example prices, but don’t forget you will only pay for the space you need

Space indicationSize (CBM)Cost per week*
Garage6.5From £16 Get a quote
Studio13From £31 Get a quote
Apartment26From £62 Get a quote
House39From £94 Get in touch

* Excludes service fee which starts from £39 and is dependant on selected size and plan.

Unsure what you need? Don’t worry, our plans are flexible. Get in touch for a free quote

Cost-effective storage solutions in London

It’s pretty common for people to overestimate exactly how much storage space they need. With Santa Fe Relocation, you only pay for the space you use. Our team will calculate the space used and provide an accurate price based on the final volume. We make booking storage a simple process too; you only need to arrange a time and we’ll help you to do it all. For the most comprehensive and convenient option, why not opt for our Platinum package? It includes packing, pick up, storage and return, all without any extra hassle. Or maybe you want to do the packing yourself? Choose either the Silver or Gold packages. If you require loading, unloading, and transportation, the Gold package is a great middle-of-the-road option. Call us now for more information on our affordable storage prices.

Quality packing materials

With our Platinum package, we provide all of the packing materials at no extra charge (no need to buy expensive materials from other storage providers). For our Silver and Gold packages, contact us now for a quick quote on our packing materials. You can pick up the materials from our London warehouse, or for a small fee, we’ll deliver them to your house. If you choose our Platinum package, the materials used will be removed from your home on the re-delivery date and recycled into new packing material, ready for their next storage journey!

For extra peace of mind, we also offer a range of shipment protection plans. These are individually tailored to meet your specific needs, whatever they might be. With Santa Fe Relocation, your storage needs are more than covered. If you require more information, please contact our friendly team today.

How it works

We pack
A team of professional packers will arrive at your home or office to collect the items you need stored.
We pick up
After confirming a collection time, our team will collect and deliver the items to our London secure storage facilities.
We store
Our London warehouse is fully equipped to hold your belongings safely. We will take care of your possessions.
We cover
For your peace of mind, we offer bespoke shipment protection plans to meet your needs. Get cover for your belongings.
We return
We know things can change. That’s why we provide complete returns (subject to full return; partial returns incur a small fee).
We tailor
We offer a range of tailored storage solutions. Why not check out our Silver, Gold and

Platinum packages?

Secure storage FAQs

  • How long can I store my belongings for?
    You can use our storage facilities for as long, or as short, as you need (4 week minimum charge). If you need to visit your storage, please let us know 48 hours before and we’ll prepare it for your convenience.
  • What happens if my estimated volume is different from the actual volume?
    We base our final prices on the actual volume of your items after packing and loading.
  • What additional services are available?
    As well as our Silver, Gold, and Platinum plan, we provide a range of additional, tailored services for your convenience. Contact a member of our team and tell us what you need; we’ll provide a quote according to your request.
  • Does Santa Fe provide dismantling and reassembly services?
    With our Platinum package, our experienced removal teams can dismantle and reassemble most common household items and furniture. For more complex items, wall mounting and electrical work, we also offer a friendly handyman service at an extra cost. Our handymen can help with hanging pictures, mounting televisions, etc. Just let them know what you need!
  • Are there any restrictions on the size of my belongings?
    No, we have no size restrictions. Anything you want stored, we can handle it.
  • What will happen if extra packing is required?
    Our experienced crew will always prepare for additional packing if required; however there is a small charge on the extra packing materials used. We will let you know exactly how much more it costs.
  • Can I visit my storage or take things out?
    Of course! For security purposes our storage warehouse is not a public access facility, so we ask for a minimum of 2 business days’ notice before your visit. If you need it, we’ll prepare our staff to assist with whatever you need during your visit. Any requests to access specific packages with reasonable notice will be accommodated free of charge. Complete sorting through of larger volumes may incur an additional charge to be agreed in advance.
  • Is there any charge if I want part of my storage returned?
    With our Gold and Platinum plans, storage pick up and return is part of the package. If you would like only part of your storage returned, or wish to have multiple deliveries to different locations, there will be a one-off additional charge to be agreed upon in advance.
  • Does Santa Fe help to dispose of packing materials?
    Yes, at the time we deliver your storage to you, we’ll take the packing materials off your hands. All of our packing material is completely recycled into new boxes.
  • How does Santa Fe charge and how do I make payment?
    • When you book storage with us, we’ll charge a one-off cost and the first four weeks storage cost based on the volume and package (Silver, Gold, Platinum). After the initial four weeks, you can choose to pay every 4 weeks’ storage cost. If you use our storage for under a week before return, we’ll charge the full week’s price. All storage charges must be prepaid two days before the next 4 weeks begin.
    • Cost differences between the estimated volume and actual volume will be adjusted.
    • Cancellations made three days or less before you’re due to use storage will incur a £50 charge. The remainder of your prepayment will be sent back to you.
    • Cancelling a booking on the same day service is due requires you to pay 100% of your pre-payment.
    • If you have a bank account in the UK (GBP/sterling), we could help you to set up direct debit to make the reoccurring payments easy for you. We can also offer payments via our online portal or over the phone, and we will help to set up subsequent payments following the first payment to make it easy for you.
    • If you do not have a bank account in the UK (non GBP/sterling), we can offer payments via our online portal or over the phone, and we will also help to set up subsequent payments following the first payment to make it easy for you.
    • All our fees include VAT.
  • Do you offer storage cover packages?
    Yes, why not check out our comprehensive shipment protection plans? When you book storage, speak to your coordinator and they’ll help you find a policy that works for you.
  • Is Santa Fe’s warehouse secure?
    We have one of London’s most secure warehouses; 24/7 CCTV, on-duty staff at all times, no public access. With Santa Fe Relocation, your storage is safe with us.

Our award winning services aim to

deliver exceptional moving experiences

Made moving a breeze
I never thought I would be a raving fan of a logistics company (not an exciting subject), but I am! Santa Fe moved my apartment contents and did such an amazing job.
Excellent service.
Packers arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently. All items were well wrapped and packing took place within the proposed time frame - no extra days needed.

Our award winning services aim to
deliver exceptional moving experiences


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