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Insights Paper: The effect of Brexit on Group Relocations

Insights Paper | Is Brexit driving organisations to consider relocation en masse to another country?

Posted: 12/10/2016              Author: Santa Fe Relocation Services

This Insights Paper brings together the expert insights and guidance from the White Paper ‘The Risks and Challenges of Brexit Relocations', and webcast 'Effective Group Relocations'. It covers:

  • The importance of employee acceptance
  • The effect of group dynamics
  • Planning: The key questions to consider 
  • The four pillars for success

Read more and download a copy of the Insights Paper 'Is Brexit driving organisations to consider relocation en masse to another country here

For further advice and support, please contact: Robert Fletcher, Group Director Relocation and Assignment Management Services  at Santa Fe Relocation Services. Email: robert.fletcher@santaferelo.

About our Relocation & Assignment Management Service

Our Relocation & Assignment Management Service is an extended arm of your Global Mobility function managing employees, and their family, relocate. We execute your services during pre-assignment, acceptance, preparation, move, arrival, settle in, plus the whole time while on assignment, through to repatriation or successive assignment. As part of the service, we implement industry best-in-class processes, including travel management, tax and medical co-ordination, aswell as compensation and payrol


White Paper: The Risks and Challenges of Brexit Relocations

Webcast: Effective Group Relocations

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