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Webcast| Effective Large Group Brexit Relocations

Posted: 19/08/2016              Author: Santa Fe Relocation Services

As part of the Santa Fe Global Mobility Insights series, this webcast debates what makes large group relocations effective and provides Global Mobility and HR leaders with some practical and expert guidance on how to plan and manage group relocations both successfully and sensitively.

Watch the webcast to: 

  1. Learn critical success factors and top tips on how to manage group moves successfully and sensitively.
  2. An understanding of the six characteristics and six key risks of group relocations.
  3. Gain advice and recommendations on getting your seat at the table as well as suggestions on how to educate top management when relocations are discussed.
  4. Project planning tips for group relocations and an understanding of the importance of early planning.

Read more and watch the webcast: 

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