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Announcing the launch of Santa Fe Relocation's Global Mobility Survey 2018: 'REACT: Transformation in the Age of Uncertainty'

Posted: 27/02/2018              Author: Santa Fe Relocation

We are delighted to announce the launch of Santa Fe Relocation’s Global Mobility Survey 2018: ‘REACT: Transformation in the age of uncertainty’

This eighth edition of our annual survey contains insights from hundreds of global mobility professionals from over 50 countries across the world and a growing number of business leaders. The survey includes:

  • Latest Global Mobility trends
  • Hot topics, challenges and opportunities for the Global Mobility industry.
  • REACTIONS to the report findings from nine industry leaders. They share their critical analysis and compelling insights.
  • CHECKLISTS at the end of each section provide guidance and recommendations for 'next steps' that Global Mobility teams should be thinking about.

Key highlights from Global Mobility Survey 2018 ‘REACT: Transformation in the age of uncertainty’

  • 47% of business leaders believe a globally mobile workforce is critical to meet strategic objectives.
  • 40% of Global Mobility professionals report growth in new locations in 2017, despite both Business leaders (geo-political) and Global Mobility professionals (immigration) seeing these as the biggest challenges to organisational growth over the next five years.
  • China has regained top spot for the most challenging location to send internationally mobile employees.
  • Business leaders view talent retention, greater cultural and gender diversity as significant criteria for global mobility success factors over the next three years.
  • Findings for ‘Reflecting the need for greater diversity’ highlight that of the 250,000 international assignees under management in the Survey, only one in four are female.
  • In particular, significant growth is forecast over the next three years in short-term assignments and short-term international business travellers, in addition to growth in employer and employee initiated one way permanent international relocations.
  • Circle Research, who conducted the independent research on behalf of Santa Fe Relocation, estimate that participating organisations employ between six and eight million people. Of these, up to 20% undertake either international business travel or are engaged with formalised international assignments. This highlights the significant role of global mobility in an organisations development.
  • New mandatory obligations are set to test organisations’ preparations for the May 2018 introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Only 30% of Global Mobility professionals say they are ‘aware and planning’, whereas 47% of Business leaders ‘are aware and planning’.

Commenting on the findings, Gregoire Pinton, Chief Commercial Officer, Santa Fe Relocation, said:

“We continue to witness exceptional levels of change and political uncertainty across the globe. AI and digitalization are no longer a future vision; it is already embedded in all aspects of our social and working environments. Our clients and organisations with whom we interact globally, and of course, Santa Fe Relocation ourselves, are adapting to this fourth industrial age. Business are transforming their systems, processes and even DNA/culture to respond to the disruptive nature of new ways of delivering services, solutions and products in a world that remains increasingly protectionist, volatile and uncertain.

From the 2018 Global Mobility Survey, business leaders demonstrate a clear understanding of the importance of fostering a diverse and globally mobile workforce to support long term, sustainable business success. Traditional global mobility roles are transforming, to reflect the changing business and talent priorities. Compliance is not a new phenomenon but new compliance demands are time consuming in a time when organisations are looking for technology driven, cost efficiencies and not increases in staffing levels. For many organisations, delivering more with less is a reality of operating in today’s global economy. However, this is not all ‘doom and gloom’, quite the opposite, as business leaders have opened the door for global mobility to have more input into talent, new business opportunities and risk management decision-making. The full Survey contains a rich source of data for executives to reflect on how they will take advantage of the opportunities which we are sure will arise over the next three to five years.’

For a full version of the report, please use this link: 

Notes to Editors:

About the Survey

The Santa Fe Global Mobility Survey is an independent study commissioned by Santa Fe Relocation. It is one of the world’s largest and most robust studies of global mobility worldwide.

The research was conducted by Circle Research. 654 global mobility professionals took part from over 50 countries, as well as 76 business leaders at organisations with a global mobility function from 16 countries, including Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland UK, and the USA.

About Santa Fe Relocation:

Santa Fe Relocation is a global mobility company specialising in managing and delivering high-quality relocation services worldwide. Our core competence is providing services that help corporations and their employees relocate and settle in a new country. These services are delivered to a consistently high standard, locally and globally, and managed through our own operations around the world. Santa Fe Relocation is wholly owned by the Santa Fe Group, which is listed on NASDAQ in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information, visit us at

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