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Immigration Update: UK | Brexit Whitepaper Outlines Immigration Proposals

Posted: 03/02/2017              Author: Nishil Patel

Following on from the majority decision of MPs who backed the Brexit Bill for Article 50 to be triggered,  the UK government have published a white paper, which sets out the government’s 12 principles. These include plans on immigration.

What are the new immigration proposals?

The government are intending to create a new immigration system to control EU migration which is due to be implemented to businesses in a phased approach. The system is designed to help skills shortages and attract genuine students to the UK.  The government is keen to consult with business and individuals on their new proposals and we will continue to update you on this from our communications with the Home Affairs Select Committee.

What does that mean for me now?

The government have outlined again that it is expected that those EEA nationals who are already in the UK, their rights will be guaranteed and they will have the option to settle in the UK. For those British nationals in EU countries, the prime minister will require to negotiate with the EU member states.

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