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With gorgeous beaches, lush mountains and exciting riversides, Thailand holds a special place in the hearts of residents and visitors alike. From the tranquil charm of the countryside to high-octane Bangkok, Thailand is a juxtaposition of stilt houses and golden temples with glittering shopping malls and multinational corporate headquarters. Bangkok is a regional force in the finance and healthcare sectors and home to an increasing number of expats.

Moving to or from Thailand? Santa Fe offers moving, relocation, real estate and visa & immigration services for individuals and companies moving to Thailand and around the world. For Santa Fe’s full destination report on living and working in Bangkok, contact us today!

1. Thailand Visa & Immigration Services – Need a visa to Thailand? Contact us!
2. Relocations Services in Thailand - Individual lump sum and corporate relocations to and from Thailand
3. Thailand Moving Services - Local and international moving within Bangkok and around the world
4. Bangkok Real Estate Services – Complete Bangkok and Thailand home search services

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Phone: +(66-2)742 9890
Fax: +(66-2) 741 4089

Santa Fe (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
207 Soi Saeng Uthai, Sukhumvit 50 Road Kwang Prakanong, Khet Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Adam Sloan

General Manager - Thailand

Desk Phone: +(66-2)742 9890

Mobile: (6690) 387 2314


Bunruen Maruthapongsathorn

Accounting Manager

Desk Phone: +(66-2)742 9890

Mobile: (6681) 751 3580


Katarina Osterman

Business Development Manager

Desk Phone: +(66-2)742 9890

Mobile: (6680) 815 9508


Piisine Kidsoponskun, GMS (Cartoon)

Relocation Services Manager

Desk Phone: +(66-2)742 9890

Mobile: (6665) 562 9385


Rungnapha Kaewduangsri

Corporate Sales & Marketing Manager

Desk Phone: +(66-2)742 9890

Mobile: (6699) 445 9663


Vibool Puntumkhul

General Manager - Operations

Desk Phone: +(66-2)742 9890

Mobile: (6686) 777 7036