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Key Facts

Official Name: Federative Republic of Brazil

Capital City: Brasília

Official Languages: Portuguese

Religion: Roman Catholic

Currency: Real (R$)

Time Zone: GMT - 3 hours.

Country Domain: .br

Country Tel Code: 55

Moving to Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest, most populous, and most topographically varied countries in the world. It is a country of diverse cultures. One hears the influences of Africa in Brazil's music, tastes the different cultures in its food, and experiences numerous religious festivals throughout the year. Rio is famous as a major tourist destination, while São Paulo is the fourth largest city in the world and covers an area twice the size of Los Angeles.

Soccer and samba, Rio and rain forest, carnival and Candomblé, natural wonders and overcrowded slums, colonial cities and modern skyscrapers - Brazil offers a rich diversity of peoples, places, and experiences.


Brazil is a federal republic of 26 states and a federal district. It is governed by a president and a national congress, Congresso Nacional, composed of a Senate with 81 members - three members from each state - and a Chamber of Deputies with 517 members - based on population. The President and Deputies are elected for a four-year term; Senators are elected for eight years. The legal system is based on Roman law. The Federal Supreme Court is composed of 11 justices appointed by the president, following approval of the Senate.


Brazil's economic potential is immense. The government continues to promote privatization, deregulation, and legislation in the hope of attracting increased foreign investment. Various factors have hampered the progress of fiscal reforms, but the country's economy was one of the first among emerging nations to begin recovery from recession in the late 2000s.


You will find properties in various styles and sizes within Brazil's major cities.

To many expatriates, the accommodations may seem small. Rooms in Brazilian homes tend to be smaller, with more emphasis on the efficient use of space, such as built-in closets. New properties usually have some closets and a hot-water heater, but it is quite common to find unfurnished housing with literally nothing in it, often not even light fixtures or a stove.


Both Rio and São Paulo have many private international schools, some of which are excellent. Instruction is in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish; grades are from pre-kindergarten through the secondary level. Many nursery and preschools are available. The Montessori organization is widely represented in Brazil

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