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Learn with Santa Fe Immigration. Join our team of in-house subject matter experts and guest panellists for a series of events, webinars. Explore and navigate some of the critical immigration challenges organisations are facing today. Thanks to our award-winning thought leadership content, you can gain insights into recent immigration trends, to help informed your strategy and decisions.

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Global Mobility Survey 2020/21 (9th edition)

Santa Fe is the proud winner of Relocate Global Awards 2020 for Best Research Contribution.

Global Mobility data/research to inspire better decisions.

Independent annual survey of almost 900 Professionals,
including 55 Business Leaders, representing 5 million employees from 45 countries.

Focusing on three areas:
Transformation - What value contribution will be expected from Global Mobility?
Talent - How will employees be deployed internationally?
Thrive - How do organisations manage risk and ensure duty of care?

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