Welcome to Santa Fe Destination Services, let us guide you through your entire relocation journey: from home, to new home and beyond.

We support employees and their families as they begin their lives in a new location. we build a close relationship with our clients and understand that relocating can be an overwhelming experience.

Santa Fe takes on the daunting task of helping employees relocate to a foreign destination and smooth the path for everyone. This is especially important when recent challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, suggest it is not going to get any easier. We are on hand to help find properties, review local leases, find the right schools, and open bank accounts and utilities. We respond to whatever you and your assignees need most to settle into a new life in a new home.

Our award-winning approach was recognised by Relocate Magazine when they awarded us Destination Service Provider of the Year in 2020. The judges commented that we received great feedback from assignees thanks to our positive approach to working with them. You can experience this for yourself when you work with us.

To succeed requires local expertise and access to the right connections. Santa Fe Destination Services team can open up the doors to the best properties in the right areas. We also ensure the key local amenities are covered in an orientation programme that is tailored to your individual needs.

Trust us to deliver the best in destination service:

  • A streamlined relocation program that aligns with your business objectives
  • Consistent service delivery in all your key destinations
  • Proactive, adaptable and flexible approach to your business demands
  • Efficiency and expertise to help reduce time and cost spent on a relocation program
  • Human and digital – innovative, technology-driven service delivery
  • Data security and compliance
  • Duty of care – ensuring the safety and well-being of your relocating employees – over and beyond
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Destination services tailored to your needs

Our award-winning services are tailored to you and your employees’ needs. From departure services to home finding, school search, language and cultural training and more. Santa Fe Destination Services include a specific set of local support solutions. These are designed to provide the most effective path to a smooth arrival in the new country.

Discover our full range of destination services

A dedicated team of Experts

Our Destination services team is represented in each of our offices across the globe. This gives you access to 260 plus specialist consultants ready to work with you and your mobile employees. Our dedicated and loyal team always put the need of our customers first, ready to go the extra mile to ensure clients’ satisfaction. We make relocating an exhilarating experience.

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Visit our location guides section to access helpful information on your chosen destinations.

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