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Talent mobility is continuously evolving, becoming increasingly complex around compliance and supply chain coordination. HR and in-house Global Mobility teams across all sectors are being transformed as they adapt to meet the changing needs of organisations. The way businesses and employees view the process of leaving their home country and transitioning to the role of international employees has changed.

People and organisations require strategic and agile support from HR and Global Mobility teams.

Santa Fe Assignment Management offers end-to-end support to your assignees, coordinating tax briefings, immigration appointments, temporary accommodation, travel bookings, home finding, new bank accounts and more. We deliver safe and compliant mobility programmes through our own expertise, technology, and experience. We provide a single point of coordination that oversees the relocation supply chain from business approval through to repatriation.

Trust us to deliver the best in assignment management solutions:

  • Complete assignment lifecycle support
  • Transparent and managed relocation and assignment costs
  • Industry-leading assignment management technology, data analytics and security
  • Single point of coordination reducing touchpoints for you and your assignees
  • Scalable tri-regional centres of excellence to match your structure
  • Simple, automated workflows and processes that deliver the right experience
  • Global supply chain network (internal and approved 3rd party vendors)
  • Dedicated move management teams
  • Compensation and expense management
  • Tracking, reporting and consultancy support

Assignment management services tailored to your needs

Our services are designed to help you manage your Global Mobility programme that supports your internationally mobile workforce. Leveraging Santa Fe’s unique position to oversee, coordinate and deliver your mobility benefits to your assignee population allows you the freedom to deliver strategically for your business while knowing that your assignees are receiving the support they need.

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A dedicated team of Experts

Our assignment management team has three centres of excellence providing a single point of coordination support. Our team for the Americas is headquartered in Houston, while our team for the APAC region works primarily out of our Singapore office. For EMEA, we have dedicated teams based at our offices in London, Paris and Frankfurt. This tri-regional model offers a scalable solution to fit your immediate and long-term needs in any part of the world.

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Assignment management post Covid-19

The increased complexity and uncertainty created by the pandemic has driven a wide variety of responses for Global Mobility strategy. Our expertise in working with international employees, underpinned by our technology, enables your organisation to know exactly where its assignees are, that they are safe and that they are informed. No matter the type of global mobility policy you employ, we ensure your organisation delivers on its duty of care to your assignees.

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