Comprehensive expense management, compensation and payroll programme

Managing a compensation programme for your relocating employees is complex and time-consuming. Reimbursing employees and paying vendor expenses in a timely manner is challenging. You need to accurately evaluate the risks and costs. Each country has its own legal and tax requirements as well as location-specific benefit policies for expatriates. Authorities are eager to collect greater tax revenue in an efficient way, rather than waiting until an individual’s tax return is filed. Global Mobility teams seek to be more engaged in the commercial dimensions of their organisation’s talent decisions, whilst ensuring that total costs and compliance are delivered accurately and on time.

To succeed organisations must have timely, accurate, compliant and reliable cost projection, efficient expense management and fluid payroll programmes.

We collaborate to consistently manage unforeseen challenges, eliminate inefficiencies and most importantly give you back the gift of time so your mobility team can focus on more strategic activities. Trust us to deliver the best in expense management and compensation and payroll.

  • Adherence to your Global Mobility policies—timely and accurate expense payments to employees and vendors
  • Single point of coordination—reduced touchpoints and increased efficiency for assignees, vendors and mobility teams
  • Dashboards and analytical reporting—greater visibility of your Global Mobility programme

Expense management benefits

  • Timely and accurate expense payments—assignees are reimbursed within 3 working days and vendors are paid as per payment terms
  • Expense reporting feeds to payroll—expenses are systematically coded so that it automatically feeds into payroll and year-end tax reporting
  • End of year tax reporting—formatted to your business and tax providers requirements and directly delivered to multiple stakeholders
  • Funding options—we manage client funds and also provide funding options with cost of capital

Compensation and payroll benefits

  • Customised cost estimate reporting—tailored to your specific organisational policy and ‘language’ over the full assignment life-cycle
  • Estimated versus actual variance reporting—allows to review performance and make the necessary strategic decisions relating to your mobility benefits
  • Universal solution—support multi-frequency, multi-currency, split pay, off-cycle calculations, and deliver payroll instructions
  • Assistance with compensation sourcing makes it easier to identify and report on the destination country’s required compensation and benefits, including Benefits in Kind (BIK) and other third-party payments
  • Hypothetical tax and social security calculations—for individual assignees as well as actual employer and employee taxes
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Expense management, compensation and payroll services tailored to your needs

We offer compensation and payroll services including cost estimates, international payroll and tax delivery. Our technology allows us to calculate, consolidate, analyse and report on the full remuneration package of your assignee helping you manage your cross-border compliance obligations. We provide balance sheets, payroll instructions and compensation accumulation solutions. We also deliver tailored expense management solutions to reduce administrative burden.

Discover our full range of compensation and expenses services

A dedicated team of Experts

Our professional team of analysts has extensive experience in managing client funds and payroll delivery within the global mobility industry. The team is conveniently located in our tri-regional hubs to ensure consistent and global coverage.
Santa Fe trusted tax partner Crowe is one of the largest tax providers in the world, we make sure that all your tax obligations of expenses and payroll items are seamlessly and professionally handled.

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