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Key Facts

Official Name: Italian Republic

Capital City: Rome

Official Languages: Italian

Religion: Roman Catholic

Currency: Euro (€)

Time Zone: GMT + 1 hour

Country Domain: .it

Country Tel Code: 39

Moving to Italy

Artistic endeavors have been a part of Italian history for hundreds of years, and Italy has preserved a great portion of its treasures. Those interested in exploring ancient churches and cathedrals, as well as palaces, have a tremendous number from which to choose.

An abundance of architectural styles exist in Italy's cities, with Renaissance buildings side by side with modern structures. Italy's museums house artwork from many of the world's greatest artists. Italy has been equally prolific in literature, music, film, and theater.

Foreign residents and tourists enjoy not only what Italy's past has to offer but also the vibrancy of the Italian people whose warmth and zest for life communicates itself without words. The Italian character displays subtle regional differences, but despite them, the Italian senses of style and humor are quite similar both in the major cities of Rome and Milan and in the villages of Tuscany.


Italian politics has been characterized by frequent changes, but Italian politics is far more stable than the frequent changes in government would indicate. Most of the government changes have been little more than cabinet reshuffling.

Under the 1948 constitution, the head of state is the president of the republic. The president is elected for seven years by an electoral college composed of both houses of parliament plus 58 regional representatives. The president appoints the prime minister and, on the recommendation of the prime minister, the Council of Ministers.


Italy has a capitalist economy which is divided between the industrialized north and the less developed, agricultural south. The economy is heavily dependent on the service sector, which accounts for nearly 68 percent of the GDP.

The country has experienced many changes, both to tighten its economy and to qualify as a member of the European Union's Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). The government is working to trim the country's budget deficit and to continue privatization of state enterprises.


The importance of the family is evident in Italy's housing. The majority of Italians live in apartments or apartment buildings with, or near, their families. It is not uncommon for adult children to live in the same building, or at least on the same street, as their parents. Housing opportunities reflect this communal lifestyle, and finding single-family accommodation can be difficult.
Housing costs are not unreasonable, but on a typical Italian salary they are high. As an expatriate, however, the costs should be manageable.


Education is taken very seriously in Italy, and the school system is rigorous. Because of the language barrier, however, expatriates generally take advantage of the many international schools operating in Italy.
There are numerous international schools located in Italy's major cities. There are international and/or foreign national schools in Florence, Genoa, Lanciano, Milan, Naples, Padua, Rome, Rosá, Treviso, Trieste, Turin, Venice, and Vicenza. There are also international Montessori schools.

Visa & Immigration

Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for Italy and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

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