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Key Facts

Official Name: Malaysia

Capital City: Kuala Lumpur

Official Languages: Malaysian

Religion: Islam

Currency: Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

Time Zone: GMT + 8 hours

Country Domain: .my

Country Tel Code: 60

Moving to Malaysia

Located in Southeast Asia on the South China Sea, Malaysia consists of two sections divided by 645km/400 mi of ocean: Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, on the northern part of Borneo. The landscape is diverse, with mountains, dense rainforest, marshy coastal plains, and beautiful beaches. The country actively promotes itself as a tourist destination.

Three distinct cultures exist in Malaysia - Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Although these groups differ somewhat, certain values are common to most Malaysians, such as berbudi - honoring one's parents and elders, and promoting harmony in the family and society by behaving courteously and considerately.


Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy based on the British model. While the king has little constitutional power, he is the leader of the Muslim Faith and protector of Malaysia's sovereignty. As Islam is the official state religion, he exerts significant influence on the people. The executive power rests with a prime minister appointed by the king on the recommendation of parliament.


Since independence from Britain in 1957, Malaysia has transformed its economy from being a low-income producer of raw materials to being a middle-income exporter of manufactured goods, including high-tech products. Malaysia has developed its industrial and manufacturing capabilities and its infrastructure; its telecommunications and extensive transport systems are modern and efficient. Housing, sanitation, and health conditions continue to improve, making the country a convenient and comfortable place in which to reside and travel.


In Malaysia's main cities, there are many high-rise apartment buildings with spacious flats that include air-conditioning and accommodations for live-in help. Apartments for rent are often in condominium complexes that usually offer a swimming pool, 24-hour security, a gym, a squash court, and other facilities. Parking is adequate at newer buildings, and most are located near - or offer to residents - convenience store shopping.



There are many international schools in Malaysia, with plans for several more by 2020. Still, there are waiting lists and fees can be high.

If you have school-age children, begin inquiries and reserve places as soon as possible after confirmation of transfer to Malaysia. Those arriving in the middle of the school year may find placement very difficult.

Some schools have uniforms and requirements about hair length or style.

Foreign schools include those that follow the curricula of Germany, France, and Japan, available in Kuala Lumpur.

Visa & Immigration

Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for Malaysia and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

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Santa Fe Relocation Services Kuala Lumpur Office

Address: No.1, Jalan Jururancang U1/21 Sek U1, Hicom Glenmarie Ind. Park 40150 Shah Alam Selangor, Malaysia

Contact Number: (603) 7805 4322

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Manager: Rolf Beutel

Let us assist you with obtaining a Malaysia visa, finding an apartment or school in Kuala Lumpur, and more!

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