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One of the greatest things about moving to Vietnam is without a doubt the food. Hanoi, the capitol of Vietnam, is home to several amazing restaurants which offer some incredible dishes from some truly incredible chefs. If you find yourself spending any real time in Hanoi, you’ll also realise that some of these restaurants are surprisingly cheap, given the quality of the meal. Next time you’re in Vietnam, make sure you stop by the top 5 restaurants in Hanoi, as voted by the TripAdvisor Community.

  1. Red Bean Restaurant

    This restaurant in Hoan Kiem offers the very best food that Hanoi has to offer, according to the wonderful people of TripAdvisor. Modern and stylish, the Red Bean Restaurant boasts an impressive menu, with everything from freshly caught seafood and spaghetti to ravioli and tempura. However if you’re going to go to the effort of going to the best restaurant in Hanoi, it would be a shame not to try the local delicacies such as sea bass in a banana lead, with lotus seeds and a butter vanilla sauce.

    If your Vietnamese is a little wanting, fear not. The menu is written entirely in English, and each dish comes with a description to help you make your decision.

  2. Banh Mi 25

    This family run restaurant is also found in the Hoan Kiem district is well known for their Vietnamese sandwiches (Banh Mi). You’ll know when you’ve found the right restaurant when you see the official logo for the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award proudly displayed on their menu. Despite this high level of critical acclaim you’ll rarely spend more than 1USD on one of their sandwiches – nutritious, delicious and really, really cheap!

  3. French Grill

    The French Grill at the Marriott Hotel on Do Duc Duc Street has been so consistently excellent that the admin at TripAdvisor have even taken note. As a result, the restaurant has now been granted an official Certificate of Excellence. The food is great, the ambience is exceptional, and if you’re looking for somewhere to hold a business lunch, the French Grill comes highly recommended.

  4. iCream Lab

    If you find the heat getting to you in Hanoi, make sure you stop by the iCream Lab on Hang Giay Street. This place is as impressive as it sounds, making your icecream in front of you from scratch using fresh ingredients and liquid nitrogen. It’s not just the flavours that are fantastic though – the staff and their service are also rated highly, and pro tip: they offer free Wifi.

  5. Gia Ngu Restaurant

    Back to the Hoan Kiem district once again, the Gia Ngu restaurant offers incredible food at great value for money. Stylish and chic, you can get everything from fresh fruit shakes to Asian Fusion and a Western menu. While the food is a little pricy for Vietnam, if you hail from any Western city, you won’t even notice. The Gia Ngu Restaurant offers stunning food and great service at very reasonable prices.

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