Finding a new family home

Moving home can be a challenging time, especially when you’re moving with a family. There are all sorts of things you need to organise, such as finding a school for your children, or storage for your precious belongings. Santa Fe Relocation can help arrange and manage every aspect of your move, right down to the very smallest details. For us, moving should be a pleasure, not a pressure, which is why we offer a range of exceptional moving services. We believe in ensuring your move is a seamless experience as well, so we connect you to a single point of coordination. Everything you need can be organised by our talented move coordinators; just let them know exactly what you need and they’ll find a solution. Get an accurate estimate for your move by filling in our free moving quote form.

How else can Santa Fe help my move?

We create effortless moving journeys for families looking to start new lives in destinations around the world. Say you’re moving abroad with your family, you might want to get an understanding of what the local area is like. With our helpful area orientation service, we will put you in touch with one of our trusted Santa Fe tour guides. They can help paint a picture of the best schools, the top cultural hotspots and nearby amenities. Getting a taste of what day-to-day life is like is an excellent way to decide if you want to make an area your home.

Our services also include informative language and cultural training programmes. Culture shock is a very real phenomenon and one of the leading reasons behind expat repatriation. Choosing a language and cultural programme for your family gives them a chance to learn the local language, as well as learn more about the cultural aspects that make a place unique. Find out more about how Santa Fe can transform your move by getting in touch with our friendly team today.

Preparing your family to move

Before you and your family make the decision to move home, it’s a good idea to prepare. If you’re moving with young children, it’s especially important to make them feel like they’re a part of the moving process. How you prepare is up to you at the end of the day, though here are a few things you could consider:

•  Plan a moving away party so you and your children can properly say goodbye. It can be tough for children to say farewell to all their friends, so if you can, try to frame the move in as positive a light as possible. Paint a picture of all the new friends they’ll meet, as well as of the exciting new areas they’ll get to explore.

•  Start searching for a school for your children. Make sure you allocate enough time for this, as it is one of the most important parts of moving home with a family.

•  Discuss the move with your children, explain the steps in a way they can understand and appreciate.

•  For teenagers, be aware that the move might be stressful for them and they may express their frustrations in different ways. The best thing to do is to listen to their concerns and try and approach it in a manner that benefits everyone. If you remember anything about what being a teenager is like, you’ll think about how confusing it was. Moving home for a teenager can really turn their world upside down, so it’s best to give them the space they need. Make sure you’re always there to talk however; they’ll be grateful even if they don’t show it.

•  Create an inventory. Doing this sooner rather than later is a great way to remove some additional hassle from your move. It is also something you can use to make sure nothing goes missing during the home survey.

•  Get your utilities sorted as soon as you can. Council tax (if relevant), heating, water services etc., all are important to have ready and waiting in your new home. Not doing so can leave you chasing services that could take weeks to implement.

Organising the move

Once you’re ready to move, it’s time to start the process of actually making it happen! There are tons of things to remember, but with the inventory you created earlier (you did create it didn’t you?), it should be a case of simply ticking each thing off. Below are a few essential tips to remember as you begin the moving process:

•  When moving with young children, you should help them pack and remind them that they’ll only be away from their precious toys for a short while. Our advice is to unpack their boxes when you get to the new house first, as it will give them extra time to settle in.

•  Pack the least used rooms first; it’s the best way to get into the flow of it. If you don’t feel like packing yourself, we offer a packing service for your convenience.

•  Label everything properly. Can you imagine the first night in a new home spent rummaging through countless boxes? Also, if you’re moving with children, labelling things is easily turned into a game (if you use a bit of creativity).

•  Pack a survival box filled with essentials, such as medicine, toothbrushes, toilet rolls, spare clothes, chargers, etc. Basically anything you think you’ll need on the first night or two.

•  Think about the little details, such as taking pictures of electrical setups (TVs, speakers). That way you can easily install your current setup without fumbling around trying to remember where everything goes.

What’s next?

Settling into your new home doesn’t have to mean the end of our journey together. We believe in offering help after you’ve moved in, so if you have any additional requests simply get in touch and let us know. Our friendly team will work with you to provide a solution and make sure your move continues on the right path.

Santa Fe Relocation is the moving company that gets you to destinations around the world with ease. We are your one-stop moving service, offering everything you need for the perfect moving experience. Our compassionate moving experts make your journey as simple as possible. 


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