Language and cultural training

The inability to adapt to the local culture and environment is one of the main causes of repatriation and an early return home.

Santa Fe Relocation offers cross-cultural communication training to expats because understanding the language and culture of the new destination are critical milestones of an overseas move.

Culture shock, a well-documented and recognised phenomenon, is eased significantly by cross-cultural training. Engaging with the local culture through speaking the language and deciphering the cultural codes and customs that make each country and culture unique can be the key elements of a successful overseas move.

What’s included

  • Cross-culture training needs assessment
  • Language assessment
  • Programme design
  • Monitoring of programme
  • Progress report


  • Professionally run programmes
  • Flexible and built around your needs
  • Increases ability to communicate with local population – at work and socially
  • Helps build relationships in the host country, both in and out of the workplace
  • Establishes credibility with colleagues and management
  • Facilitates acceptance, trust and respect
  • Increases effectiveness, efficiency and productivity on the job
  • Eases adjustment to host country
  • Builds confidence helps you to enjoy the experience of living abroad

Santa Fe Relocation designs flexible cultural and language training programmes based on your needs. Our programmes help expats to develop their cross-cultural awareness.

Santa Fe Relocation works with a carefully selected and vetted portfolio of training providers as part of our Approved Partner Network.

Language Training

Language training is designed to help you and your loved ones to communicate effectively in the host language. The process is customised to meet your individual needs – going from the initial assessment to programme design, learning content, trainer selection and scheduling. We offer a flexible portfolio of language services and delivery platforms, you can choose from face-to-face, virtual, blended or self-paced e-Learning. Also, we offer various training formats: individual, family or group induction.

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