How can Santa Fe Relocation help with language and cross-cultural training?

Moving to a new country, whether alone, with a family, or with work, can be a daunting prospect. In fact, one of the leading causes of repatriation is the inability of expats to adapt to the local culture and environment. We personally feel that this is unacceptable, which is why we provide comprehensive language and cultural training courses to give you the confidence to begin thriving.

Through effective cross-cultural communication training, you can gain an understanding of your new country’s cultural codes, customs and the quirks that make it unique. The world is a rich and vibrant place after all, so learning to decipher what makes your new country special is an essential aspect to a successful move. For more information on how our dedicated team can help you, get in touch by sending us an email to:

What’s included

  • Cross-culture training needs assessment
  • Language assessment
  • Programme design
  • Monitoring of programme
  • Progress report


  • Professionally run programmes
  • Flexible and built around your needs
  • Increases ability to communicate with local population – at work and socially
  • Helps build relationships in the host country, both in and out of the workplace
  • Establishes credibility with colleagues and management
  • Facilitates acceptance, trust and respect
  • Increases effectiveness, efficiency and productivity on the job
  • Eases adjustment to host country
  • Builds confidence helps you enjoy the experience of living abroad
  • Makes your family feel at home in their new country

How does it work?

When you sign up for our language and cultural program, you’ll be given an initial assessment to properly gauge the level of training needed. This could be minimal, if your knowledge is already at an intermediate level, or comprehensive. Just let us know what level you and/or your family or business is at and we’ll create a bespoke training solution to fit your needs.

After the assessment, one of our language and cultural specialists will provide the relevant learning material. This will include everything you need to begin your journey into a new country.

What does the program offer?

First and foremost, our language and cultural training program will dramatically increase your ability to effectively (and efficiently) communicate with the locals. This is very important, because in dealing with the local population, you need to understand when you’re getting a bad deal. Of course, we aren’t saying a ‘bad deal’ is guaranteed, but being able to navigate around cultural pitfalls can go a long way to endearing you amongst your new neighbours. Cross cultural communication skills should be a must-have for anyone moving to a new country.

Family training sessions

For people relocating with a family, your children will enjoy the opportunity to try something a little different. Through our language training, you and your family will be able to better communicate in the local language. The entire service is fully customisable based on your personal preferences; all you need to do is let us know what you need and our experts will work to make it happen. Some of our flexible portfolio of services includes face-to-face training, or self-paced e-learning (an ideal solution for busy families). We can also accommodate requests for a blended approach, which combines the best bits from face-to-face and self-paced e-learning.

A business-focused approach

If you’re moving abroad for work, then being able to effectively communicate with your new colleagues is an invaluable quality. It also means you can show a higher level of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity in your new position. The same can be said for larger scale business migrations; as a business owner, giving your employees a better cultural understanding can give you the edge over competitors. Give yourself and/or your business the ability to work across cultures with our language and cultural training courses.

Whatever you need to better adapt to a new country, our team of experts can help provide the perfect solution. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one stop moving company. We make moving home easy for you.

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